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Decisions and Regrets


Have you ever had second thoughts about a decision? It felt right in the moment, but soon after, you regret the choice you selected. I've been there enough in my life to know that I don’t like regret.

I do my best to make decisions from a thoughtful and informed position.

My decision process does not mean that I believe I am perfect. Like you, sometimes, I struggle to select the best choice and regret returns for a visit.

Last weekend, I wrestled. I went back and forth with myself over the decision to end the family vlog. It’s hard for me to quit anything.

In 2006, I started training Capoeira. Of course, you know that Capoeira remains an integral part of my life. I wrote a book about it and published it this year with Peter Lang Press. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, the photos and videos I post affirm my dedication to Capoeira.

I started to write poetry in high school. Although I don't share my poetry in open mic settings anymore, I continue to write. I have a book that I will publish next year with a collection of poems and short essays. It will include poems that I have kept stored away for twenty-one years.

Quitting anything that relies on my creativity is challenging. It doesn't matter if the creative endeavor is profitable. I have not made much from teaching Capoeira, writing poetry, or creating video content. Within me exists, an internal lever latched on to perseverance.

The books I have read in the last month are sending mixed messages. They encourage me to live a more focused life and to invest time and energy into activities that bring me joy. Writing, exercising, and creating video content are some of my favorite past times.

Setting priorities is consistent with the laws of personal and professional successes. It’s also important to value quality over quantity. We must understand that we can improve in any field with ample time, proper instruction, and focus.

In last week’s post, I failed to mention that boredom also influenced my decision to quit the family vlog. I realized that I stopped pushing myself to learn more about filming and the YouTube platform.

Too often, when we want to quit something, it's linked to our inabilities to learn and to expand our skills. I enrolled in an online filmmaking and social media course a couple of years ago. Life interfered, and I never finished the modules. It’s time to return to that content.

I share all of this with you to say future episodes of La Vida Lindsay will get uploaded once a month. There is something about documenting my family’s experiences abroad that feels aligned with destiny.

I want to encourage you to continue growing, so I have decided to reduce the price of my personal development 100 course, Frequency, for the next 48 hours. Don't worry; I will not change my mind or regret this decision!

In the newly updated course, you will find the strategies that helped me to prioritize my family, move abroad, and start a business. The course includes a new introduction and quiz questions to ensure you learn the content. I want to teach you the practical steps that can help you take your life from where you are today to where you want to go tomorrow.

Check out this personal testimony from a student enrolled in the course:

"When I initially enrolled in Dr. Lindsay's Personal Development 100 course, my only goal was to gain some fresh ideas that may benefit my professional growth. What I actually gained has been an invaluable set of lessons offering insight into any area of my life: Professional development, marriage and parenthood, friendships, and personal health. There truly is no area in my life where Dr. Lindsay's lessons are not applicable."

Enroll today and save $100 off the regular price of the course for the next 48 hours!


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