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An Announcement

A boy filling a bucket with water
My middle child filling a bucket with water to flush the toilet at school.


Did you get duped? I did.

The headline read, “Stephen and Ayesha Curry Make an Announcement.” First, my mind jumped to pregnancy. Then, I thought some scandal rocked the stable couple.

I bit the clickbait, a provocative title, and discovered the truth.

The article discussed their public pledge to raise $50 million for Oakland Schools. Through the Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation Stephen and Ayesha Curry plan to broaden their support of schools by 2026. If their fundraising efforts are successful, the funds will enable more students to receive healthier food options, additional books, and exposure to enhanced recreational facilities.

To be able to invest $50 million is incredible. I would create similar initiatives with comparable financial assets and connections to the Currys. Perhaps, one day, I will earn that level of wealth.

What about you? How would you invest your riches? After building a comprehensive financial portfolio to secure your family, you would support a worthy cause.

Is that a wrong assumption? In this hypothetical situation, it's your money and your choice. You may decide to keep everything you've earned for yourself. Although I am a proponent of social responsibility, I can respect our differences.

The diversity of our opinions and values makes us human.

Every human being is as unique as the codes programmed into our DNA. We have a sophisticated biological arrangement of cells that form our identities and dictate abilities. We maintain, grow, or cease to exist in response to the signals our bodies receive.

In addition to reading about Stephen and Ayesha Curry's foundation, a friend forwarded me some videos on the arguments for intelligent design. The science makes a compelling case for a Creator of human beings. Evidence lies in the complexity of the biology that enables us to survive.

Evolution and Big Bang theories do not explain the totality of life.

Despite many technological advances, we still don't understand everything about our bodies. Perhaps the answers to the remaining questions are in future research projects conducted by current students in Oakland schools.

What do you think?

Antigua and Barbuda schools do not have a $50 million budget, but some students learn to contribute to science, create businesses, find work, and pursue advanced professional degrees. Only a handful of private schools have facilities comparable to US institutions. Private and public schools do not receive enough textbooks for every student from the government.

Pouring financial and material resources into education will work for some students. But every school needs teachers and administrators with the skills, knowledge, and empathy to build and sustain a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible learning environment. Money is not a fix-all for every educational problem, but it is a start.

Without Curry cash and connections, what goal can you make to positively impact students in your community? Answer that question and leave it in the comments below.

I plan to offer Capoeira and mentoring services to at least two schools before December. Subscribe here to learn more about future community engagement projects, weekly blog posts delivered to your inbox, and to receive a free E-book. Watch this month’s vlog episode for a preview of well-being activities to come.


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You have a wonderful idea for parents to give something of their talent to their children's schools, Dr. Lindsay.

Replying to

Thank you Dr. Parrish. I am hopeful that they will follow through and get involved! Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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