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Calling Courage to Christmas Cheers

A Christmas tree in lights


How frequently do you put yourself in a position to test your courage? I'm not only referencing physical actions like leading a protest against injustice or intervening in an altercation between Santa and the elves.

It's okay if you still believe in Santa Claus. Just don't tell anyone. Smile.

Courage comes in many forms.

Restarting after multiple failures is an act of courage. This applies to revising a policy after poor reception from the board and employees. It's rewriting an article after receiving rejections from three top-tier journals. Choosing marriage again after divorce is also courageous.

Why start this week's blog post with a discussion of courage? Twice in December, I finished the audiobook version of Ryan Holiday's book Courage is Calling. Many of the text's stoic lessons and historical examples linger in my head.

Courage is Calling is part of a series that includes The Obstacle is The Way, Ego is the Enemy, and Stillness is the Key. Reading one of these titles in 2024 may help you gain the clarity necessary to resolve challenges. These books reveal how problems camouflage opportunities to move beyond fear.

Think about your professional roles. I know you're not at work right now, but are there any issues waiting for you after vacation? If you said no, it's time to reassess your work responsibilities, take on additional tasks, start an entrepreneurial venture, or search for a new job.

Work is meaningful when it's difficult and pushes us to develop new skills. Sometimes, you must look outside your job for meaning and fulfillment. Purpose is often an internal vibration.

Challenges help you tune-in to your highest frequency.

In November, I joined a writing challenge led by the Author Jaunique Sealey. She wrote the book series Black Girls Must Die Exhausted. She supported the group to write 1700 words per day on a book project through writing prompts, email messages, and online discussions.

Some days, I made the word count; others, I failed. But I wrote every day in November. By the end of the challenge, I accumulated 32,664 words.

December 1st came, and I continued to write every day. Today, I reached my goal of 50,000 words. It's a rough draft of the second book in my novel trilogy, but I consider it a Christmas gift to myself.

Often, when the competition stops, you continue. You may be tired, but you find the energy to do one more. It's on those days when you realize the cliche, the finish line is only the beginning, has some truths.

I want to help you develop the courage that transcends Christmas challenges. You don't need to put any more gifts under the tree.

But you need help implementing and enforcing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessible policies in your workplace.

You want to make progress on your work during the holidays without neglecting time with your family.

You know how important it is to create and sustain an exercise routine, but you don't know where to find time on your tight schedule.

For a free coaching discovery call, get on my calendar here. I have three coaching spots available for 2024.

If you're new here and need more information about coaching, subscribe to my list here. On the inside, you will find resources to help unlock the most courageous parts of you.


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