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Goals and Clarity in Chaos


What did you leave behind in 2020? From the happenings in DC, it’s clear that Trump’s supporters left their brains in 2020. This post is not about them. It’s about our goals in 2021 and getting clear about the necessary support to realize our intentions.

Let’s start over. Did you leave any of your limited thinking or wasteful actions in 2020?

I left my weekly commitments to uploading vlog episodes. The amount of time I use to film and edit conflicts with my 2021 personal and professional goals. Instead of weekly content for my family’s channel, I am releasing one YouTube video per month.

It’s easy to stop things that you do not enjoy. You can quit playing a sport because you’re tired of losing. It’s also simple to leave an unfulfilling job for another opportunity.

Quitting or reassessing activities that you like but interfere with progress and responsibilities is difficult. The La Vida Lindsay vlog is an example of something I love to create, but the measurable impact and financial return on the time investments are awful. In this first week of 2021, I also had to adjust the time I commit to teaching capoeira.

In 2020, I voluntarily taught capoeira on Saturday mornings at a local beach about four miles from my home. The time I took to jog to the beach, teach the class, and then meet my family consumed about four hours every week. My wife didn’t complain about taking my children to swim class every Saturday morning, but I knew that she felt exhausted and preferred to get more sleep and work done on the weekends.

To provide better support for my family, gain more control of my time, and attend my children’s swim classes, I decided to offer virtual and alternative in-person options to my capoeira students.

To receive fulfillment in life, we must make daily time for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s also important to make time for our families, work, and creative/play outlets. Think about everything else that you need to stop doing today to show up more fully as yourself tomorrow.

I did not leave learning behind in 2020. Through the Coursera platform, I enrolled in the course Demystifying Mindfulness. The first week of online classes and assignments are challenging my beliefs about mindfulness practices.

What are your thoughts about mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation?

I do not see yoga or meditation as aspects of religious activities. They can enhance religious and spiritual practices, but they do not possess the rigidity that often accompanies formal religions. In my next book, Dear Brother: 82 Powerful Poems to Guide Your Journey to Healthy Black Masculinity, I have a chapter dedicated to spirituality, religion, and mindful practices.

In the first week of the Coursera course, we discussed the scientist, monk, and ninja stereotypes associated with meditation. The scientist comes to meditation for the reported health benefits that include lower stress levels. Monk stereotypes center around Buddhist traditions and philosophies. The ninja stereotype, which I fall into, involves the image of a warrior who meditates while holding a Katana sword.

For the record, I do not own a Katana sword. I do often meditate while holding the capoeira instrument called a berimbau.

Ninjas appear in complete control of their bodies, minds, and spirits. These martial artists use meditation to start their days and before entering a battle. A ninja embodies self-discipline.

For the past sixteen years, I have studied the African-Brazilian martial art of capoeira. My discipline guides my continual progress in the self-defense, dance, acrobatic, music, and philosophical elements of capoeira. Before and after I train capoeira, I often meditate to center myself and move into the day’s activities.

I am disciplined, but I also make mistakes. Mindfulness helps me to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of my life. My self-discipline allows me to see the Capitol events and process the best response, without giving the rioters or the police’s gentle and unprepared response all of my energy.

If you're still struggling with what to leave behind in 2020, that’s okay. Make one of your goals this week to sit for a minute in silence to receive clarity.

I am offering a FREE 30-day accountability group to get you off to a positive and productive start. Together, we will explore the process of creating and achieving your 2021 goals inside of a community. We begin in two days. If you want in on this fast filling group, complete this intake form now!


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