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Life Tests

Two boys taking a test.


Sometimes, you receive tests in life that you cannot pass alone. Instead of multiple choices, the questions appear in the form of illnesses, injuries, and incidents. The answers to these challenges may come from numerous sources.

Your options might include doctors, family, friends, spiritual guides, and teachers.

Many would argue that life is a series of tests, and every decision we make provides clues to our education and experiences.

It is possible to attend school and never receive an education. How? School is the building, and education happens inside with adequate resources. But education does not stop in the classroom.

The other aspects of education occur at home with family, in your neighborhood with friends, and on your job with coworkers.

You know you have learned something when you can apply and manipulate life’s lessons.

What crosses your mind when you learn about anything related to Trump, senseless violence, and the occasional triumph? Do you keep your reactions inside, punch something, laugh, brush it off, smile, or look for solutions? Our backgrounds inform responses to external tests.

When any situation involves risk, we fight, flee, or freeze. We either push through, run away, or stand our ground.

In April, I met with an orthopedic surgeon about numbness in my right arm. He advised that I take a break from squats and deadlifts. I followed the advice and found other exercises to supplement.

One month ago, the numbness and tingling returned with a vengeance. It hindered my ability to write and exercise for prolonged periods without a break. After medication, meditation, and massages, the doctor recommended an MRI for a clearer picture of my spine.

I contacted Antigua’s most prominent hospital to schedule an appointment. The technician informed me that their machine needed repair. Then, I phoned a private facility and inquired about their MRI machine.

The receptionist booked me with an appointment for later that day.

Has anyone ever told you that getting an MRI feels like being placed in a coffin? It's true.

When that metal cylinder surrounded my body, I had to tap into serious willpower to lay still. I managed by closing my eyes and taking deep breaths throughout the thirty-minute scan.

After the test, I received confirmation of two herniated disks in my spine. Next week, I will receive an injection that hopefully will enable my body to heal.

This injury is this week's life test. I listened to my body and relied on the medical field for answers to pass.

If you're going through a difficult time, know your situation is temporary. Think about your internal and external resources. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Men often hold their emotions inside. We feel the need to always appear tough. In reality, we bleed like any other human being on this planet.

Weakness is the refusal to acknowledge problems and do something that can lead to a positive outcome. You are not weak and possess the strength to excel at any test.

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Maybe it is catching. Famous Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIlory was writhing on the ground yesterday, thinking that would help. Maybe. Better stick with the docs you have, Dr. Lindsay. Prayers for healing.

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