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Re: 7 Years Old!

A father throwing his on into the air
Me and the birthday boy in the sea

Dear Kazo,

Today, you turn seven years old! We’ve teased you for the past month by saying that you will turn five in August. I hope you know that we were only playing. Kazo, your mother and I love you and will never forget your birthday.

This year, you like this online gaming platform called Roblox. If your mom

and I get lost in our work, we can often find you sitting in front of the computer with your siblings and friends. Last week, I posted a blog entry and created a vlog episode about how much you enjoy Roblox.

Up to this point in your life, you are demonstrating incredible athletic skills. You take an adventurous/stunt double approach to do just about everything. When you're not online, I can guarantee that you are outside riding your brother's bike, kicking the football, or playing with your scooter.

On Wednesday, I watched you ride the bike back and forth in a puddle of rainwater. Of course, you were filthy afterward, but you didn't care. The dirt is one of your best friends!

For your seventh birthday, you wanted a skateboard and to eat at your favorite restaurant Garden Grill. We are making these wishes happen!

Your Auntie Brittany came in town and brought you a skateboard. I am writing this letter before she gives it to you, and I can't wait to see your reaction. Later this afternoon, we will celebrate you with food and cake.

Thursday, you had a couple of friends over for a mini birthday party. You played tag and football in the front yard. On your actual birthday, we are keeping things simple with family.

Your mother and I are not ready to return to eating out at restaurants. The Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, and we want to limit the chances for exposure. Eating out without wearing face masks does not seem like a good idea. The meal and cake we will share with Auntie Brittany at home will have to satisfy your desire for restaurant food.

Despite turning seven years old today, you like to chew on your t-shirts (see picture above for evidence). It’s driving me and your mother nuts. We are grateful that your grandparents sent you a new t-shirt with Auntie Brittany. We will do our best to make sure that you do not chew a hole in it before you get a chance to wear it out.

Kazo, you are the jokester in the family. I can always count on you for a laugh or a partner to help scare your mom!

You also enjoy singing. It’s too soon to determine if you will pursue a career as a singer. If that is your decision when you get older, believe it is possible for you.

Ok, Kaz, I will let you go. I need to do a couple of things before I prepare your favorite breakfast with waffles. I love you and happy birthday again!




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