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Run and Reach


Do you have any fitness goals? Is 2023 your year to lose weight and gain muscle? January is a prime time to take the first steps toward healthier lifestyle choices.

With Antigua and Barbuda’s election this week, the run for political offices dominated the minds of many locals. Today, I want to encourage you to run a non-political physical race.

Registering for anything from a 3K to a marathon is one method for maintaining motivation. A date to meet friends on a starting line provides the peer pressure to exercise at the gym or outdoors. Whatever race you choose, resources exist in the palm of your hand to support training.

The market for health and fitness apps is huge. It's difficult to decipher the pros and cons of your options. Whether you want to run, practice yoga, or lift weights, there's an app and corresponding watch for encouragement.

Nike is not my sponsor. However, consider the Nike Running Coach (NRC) and Nike Training Coach (NTC) apps. Their running, yoga, and strength workouts are solid.

If you don't have a smartwatch, your TV, computer, or phone will work just as well to access the training programs. Netflix recently uploaded two series of Nike workouts.

What might you do if none of your friends want to sign-up for a race? That’s a legit question. It's difficult to find someone with a similar schedule and the discipline to show up during the winter months.

Commit to being there for yourself and use others as part of your backup plan to aid consistency.

Last year, I used NRC and NTC to train for a marathon. The dynamic guided runs, yoga sessions, and core workouts helped me prepare. They worked, and I achieved a personal best time in last year’s race.

Antigua and Barbuda is organizing the Run in Paradise half-marathon/10K/5K for May. You must register, pay the participation fee, and prepare to compete.

On Sunday, I started an 18-week training plan in the NRC app. Due to an injury, it's been challenging to do the suggested workouts with full strides, but I managed to get through them. I finished four of the five sessions.

If you live in the United States, there is a race almost every weekend of the year. Depending on your home, travel is necessary to participate in person, but some offer virtual spaces to run.

You can become a healthier version of yourself. If a friend is unwilling or unavailable to join your exercise journey, move on without them. Use material and digital resources for support.

In addition to running, I practice and teach capoeira. Capoeira's self-defense, acrobatic, and musical elements offer useful physical and mental cross-training. This year, I am offering free classes to Beyond Fitness Centre members and students at the medical school where I work.

For people outside of the gym or university, explore my books and video resources here. I will also provide some outdoor classes this year.

If you’re not exercising regularly, use this weekend to reflect and restart. Perhaps it’s a sport, group fitness class, running alone, or walking with friends that can inspire a more active lifestyle. The benefits you receive from enjoyable physical activities will help you reach your health and fitness goals faster.



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