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Wine and Cheese


Do you prefer red or white? How important is taste to you? If you let me see your pantry or cellar, would I find more sweet or dry wines?

Perhaps, you don’t drink, but watching footage of the racist campus attack at the University of Kentucky or the Georgia electoral race, pushed you to bend the rules.

Most days, I don't drink anything other than water, tea, or coffee. However, on some occasions, I sit with a glass of red wine in front of me. I prefer pinot noir because of the reported high antioxidant levels, heart benefits, and lower sugar content.

Studies are inconclusive about how red wine influences our lifespans, but the mere possibility of a link between a longer life and fermented grapes is enough for a toast.

Pinot noir is a dry wine. That’s about the extent of my sommelier skills. I can’t recommend a brand to you because my palate does not discriminate. When I have wine, I choose whichever pinot is available regardless of the label on the bottle.

Do you abstain from any form of alcohol consumption due to religious or spiritual beliefs?

It's not morality that prevents a daily glass at home or whenever out for dinner. I like the feeling of complete control over my body and mind. One extra drink at the moment often leads to sober regrets later.

For fear of prosecution and losing friends, I will not disclose any details about painful excursions in my younger years. Of course, I am joking, well, sort of.

Why all this about wine? Maybe you believe true happiness flows in abundance with beers and hard liquor.

Last Saturday, I attended a wine and cheese event for the Antigua and Barbuda Swimming Federation. My son is a member of this year’s national team responsible for the historic win at the 30th Annual Organization of Eastern Caribbean State Swimming Championship Meet. To reimburse the familial expenses of this year's participants and to support future delegations, committee members organized multiple fundraisers.

Families sold tickets to the wine and cheese fundraiser event.

Despite national status, the Antigua and Barbuda swim team did not receive government funding to support travel, uniform, and accommodation expenses for the selected group of 33 swimmers. Families, friends, and local businesses paid the bills to send the team to St. Lucia for the championship meet. After the win, politicians pledged to build an Olympic size pool and offer additional assistance to train athletes.

We have not seen the new facility yet, but the win happened only three weeks ago. Most things involving the pockets of multiple individuals and entities take time. The Prime Minister announced construction plans this week and posted a copy of the blueprints to social media.

Resources are tight on a small island. There’s not much loose change in the sand for anything outside of housing, education, and healthcare necessities. However, supporting the sport of swimming is also important in locations surrounded by water.

Drownings frequently happen in Antigua and Barbuda. Encouraging more residents to learn how to swim will decrease the number of deaths at the nation's beaches. It's a complicated problem without simple solutions, but providing monetary resources to swim clubs’ education efforts can prevent some premature deaths.

Would you drink or donate to causes that support athletic competitions? I had a glass of pinot noir to help fun future swim meets in Antigua last weekend, and if an invitation came my way, I would do it again.

Please do not reply to this post with a list of worthy causes hosting events with adult beverages! Because of my involvement as a parent and community member, the wine and cheese fundraiser received priority.

You've had time to think. Do you prefer red or white? Comment below. If wine is not your thing, share the name of your favorite drink to enjoy at special events in the comments.

Today, consider contributing to this organization in Tucson, Arizona, working on expanding their capoeira and dance classes for young and older people.


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Is there a link to fund Kazo's team?

Replying to

You all are doing great. Onward and upward.


Replying to

This is the link to another organization in the States that is creating dynamic programs in Arizona.


Statbucks double shot to keep awake, Dr. Lindsay. :)

Replying to

I wish we had a Starbucks in Antigua!

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