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"Capoeira is a martial art created by enslaved Africans in Brazil and it combines self-defense tactics, with dance movements, percussion instruments, sacred rituals, acrobatic maneuvers, and communal philosophies."
-Dr. Vernon C. Lindsay, PhD
In 2006, I began to train Capoeira. After several trips to Brazil, training, and sharing Capoeira with others around the world, it became an essential part of my life's mission. Buy my book and learn more about my unique history in Capoeira and how you can use physical education to transform lives.
I am a certified teacher with the United Capoeira Association (UCA) of schools founded by Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Rá, and Mestra Suelly.
Before my journeys abroad, I led the UCA chapter in Chicago. Today, I teach children and adults in Antigua and travel to offer workshops for businesses and schools. Contact me for a workshop now!