Cap   eira In-tune

Are You Tired of...

Feeling sluggish, undisciplined, and unmotivated? 


Wishing you could be more productive and achieve more during the day?

Feeling ‘stuck’ in your Capoeira routine without support? 


Wondering if you’re ‘the only one’ who isn’t accomplishing goals and making progress? 

What is Capoeira In-tune?

Capoeira In-tune is a membership group designed for intermediate (6 months or more of training) to advanced Capoeiristas looking to improve their skill set, network with like-minded individuals from all around the world, and boost their self-esteem, sense of accomplishment, and productivity through comprehensive fitness plans, mindset strategies, and accountability.


"What I actually gained has been an invaluable set of lessons offering insight into any area of my life: Professional development, marriage and parenthood, friendships, and personal health. There truly is no area in my life where Dr. Lindsay's lessons are not applicable."

"You encouraged and inspired. You had a genuine dedication to the education of the students you taught, and I am forever grateful and indebted to your work."

Imagine If...

There was a program that helped you improve your capoeira technique while increasing your muscle mass and building endurance.

You could raise your energy levels, naturally, and feel an enhanced sense of accomplishment every single day.

You had a community of like-minded individuals from all around the world to support you on your journey.

You could learn from a 14-year veteran capoeirista, university professor, and dedicated performance enhancement educator for less than your weekly coffee run or one drop-in class.

Hi, I’m Vernon aka Professor Leão Preto

I am the founder of Capoeira Mar Verde, a member school of the United Capoeira Association located on the island of Antigua in the West Indies. Since 2006, Capoeira has been an integral part of my well-being and physical development. The roots with enslaved Africans speak to my soul, the movements and music speak to my heart.

As a Professor of Capoeira, it is my goal to enrich the lives of my students in big and small ways. I truly believe that Capoeira, combined with mindset enhancement strategies, can be the key to unlocking and unleashing the natural greatness that exists inside each and every one of us. It is my passion to guide you on this journey to wellness and self-improvement through the practice of Capoeira.

This is for you if you…


Are an intermediate to advanced Capoeirista looking to improve your technique, skillset, endurance, and physique.

Enjoy learning new performance enhancement strategies and thrive from the accountability and support of likeminded individuals.

Have an open mind, a go-getter attitude, and enjoy being challenged.

Appreciate working in a collective community environment and consider yourself a team player and encourager.

This is NOT for you if you…


Are unwilling to try new things, work alongside others, or broaden your horizons.

Dislike commitment, discipline, or being held accountable for your performance.

Are satisfied with your current situation and are resistant to doing the work to improve and become a lifelong learner.

Are brand new to Capoeira and do not have a foundational understanding of basic movements. If you’re new, click THIS LINK.

What You’ll Learn


Capoeira movements, songs, and strength training protocols

Strategies for building discipline, even when you’re feeling unmotivated


How to be more productive during the day


Top methods for overcoming resistance, setting meaningful goals, and pursuing your dreams

What’s Included? 

Exclusive Access to my Training Vault and the International Members Lounge

On the inside you will receive: 

Hours of pre-recorded Capoeira and Calisthenics training videos increased each month


Body, Mind, and Spirit Training Workshops


Engaging and Inspiring Accountability and Growth Strategies and Activities

Capoeirista networking opportunities

And Much More... 

You might be thinking…

I’m already a member of a Capoeira school, why would I join another program?


Capoeira In-tune is not just another capoeira school. It is a multi-functional life-enhancement program. This program is designed to refine your capoeira technique and improve your life with practical mindset strategies and activities. Designed to work alongside your current capoeira training regimen, Capoeira In-tune is more than a capoeira class, it’s a lifestyle experience.


What if the workouts are too challenging/not challenging enough, is this worth it?


Although the daily routines have recommended reps and sets, if you want to cut them in half, you can. Or if you want to intensify the workout, add more! The program is flexible to your needs and schedule so you choose how challenging it really is.



I have never done mindset work I need to subscribe to a particular religion to do this?


Absolutely not. Mindset strategies are for everyone! By incorporating a variety of techniques like organizational systems, breathwork, personal development, stretching, and more, the mindset strategies practiced inside Capoeira In-tune are designed to help you improve in the areas of self-discipline, self-esteem, and productivity, without requiring you to subscribe to a particular religious system.



Normally a performance enhancement membership that includes progressive Capoeira training videos, a weekly Capoeira and Strength Training Workout Program, Body, Mind, and Spirit Training Workshops, Accountability and Growth Strategies, and Activities, plus an International Members Lounge would cost upwards of $200 USD per month.


For a limited time only, join Capoeira In-tune for the Founders Circle single payment rate 


$197.99 USD $97.99 USD.


This is a savings of $100 off the standard rate for lifetime access!

Are You Ready to…


Improve your capoeira technique, increase your muscle mass, and build endurance?

Raise your energy levels and feel an enhanced sense of accomplishment every single day?

Join a community of likeminded individuals from all around the world and experience camaraderie and support?


Then NOW is the time to join!



I’ve been doing Capoeira for two years. I’m not new but I’m not advanced. Should I join?


Absolutely! By year two you’ve likely learned many of the foundational movements that we will use throughout the program. Since you do this at home, you may take the routines at your own pace and the Training Vault has all the movements, broken down step-by-step, in case you need a refresher!


Will the price go up if I don’t enroll now? 


Yes and no. If you purchase now, the price you pay now, is the price you pay, forever. You’re grandfathered in at the current rate for lifetime access! However, if you wait to enroll, the price will go up and you will need to pay more to join later. This special rate is in place to accommodate capoeiristas with limited income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I recommend you jump in right now, and take advantage of these lifetime savings!



What happens if I get injured?


Please know as with any exercise program, it is recommended that you have the clearance of your primary care physician before joining this (or any) program. This is a ‘perform at your own risk’ program. It is your responsibility to be mindful of your movements and check in with your body on a regular basis. Should you need modifications for specific movements or ever have questions about how to perform movements, you may check the Training Vault or ask in the Member’s Lounge!