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Thank you for your interest in my speaking services. I completely understand the stress that is involved in organizing an event and hiring a speaker. It is my honor to have this opportunity to work with you and below you will find the answers to many of your questions. If anything is unclear, please contact me and I will happily answer any additional concerns about my services.


Brief Bio


My name is Vernon Lindsay, and I am the speaker you are looking for to serve your organization. The path of my current work began when I was enrolled in graduate school and started a business where I taught the African-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. After earning a PhD in Policy Studies in Urban Education, I accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Teaching and Mentoring with the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Honors College.


While living in Chicago I taught undergraduate students in courses that covered contemporary issues in diversity and inclusion practices alongside personal development related topics.


In June of 2016, I decided that I needed to spend more time with my family and focus my efforts on building a business from my passions. I moved abroad and began the full-time pursuit of entrepreneurial projects aligned with writing, teaching Capoeira, and serving others in need. 


Today, I live on the Caribbean island of Antigua where I work as an Assistant Professor at the American University of Antigua. 


A few selected publications are available at the following links:


Leadership, Personal Development, and Business:




The Good Men Project




Thrive Global



Education and Diversity:


Capoeira, Black Males, and Social Justice: A Gym Class Transformed


Critical Race and Education for Black Males: When Pretty Boys Become Men

Marketing Diversity and The New Politics of Desegregation: Insights From an Urban Ethnography  


The Class that Race Built: Putting Race at the Center of a Higher Education Course to Challenge Post-racialism in the United States and Brazil.


Selective Enrollment, Race and Shifting the Geography of Educational Opportunity


What can you expect from my speaking services?


  1. A well-researched and customized professional presentation delivered with practical strategies, relevant content, and humor.  

  2. To reinforce my presentation, I will provide attendees with a customized eLearning class that includes access to the slides, additional content, or other resources used as part of the engagement. 

  3. Someone who will provide a prompt and professional response to all voicemail, social media, and email messages.

  4. A professional who will arrive early to the venue to guarantee a timely start of the presentation.

  5. An opportunity to speak directly to me before and after your event to clarify the organization's objectives and to evaluate my services.


Education Instructor-led Training (Click for more details):


  • How to Teach Them Without Losing It: Classroom Tools to Reach Young Men of Color

  • Capoeira?: A Participatory History Lesson Involving Self-defense Tactics, Dance, and Music 

  • Breathe, Believe, and Focus!: The Essential Guide to Success in College

Business Instructor-led Training(Click for more details):


  • Productivity and Mindset: 10 Proven Strategies to Increase Performance

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Loving the Person in the Mirror to Accept Others

  • Health and Fitness: Teamwork via Capoeira and Positive Lifestyle Choices


Keynote Sample Titles:

  • How to Live a Life by Design Without A Million Dollars

  • Young, Black, Male, and Full of Potential

  • Capoeira, Fitness, and Discovering the Self-Discipline to Live a Healthy Lifestyle


Please complete the form below and let's schedule a time to connect! 

































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Testimonials & Other Video Samples

Testimonials & Other Video Samples

Testimonials & Other Video Samples
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Antigua and Barbuda Ultramarathon 2023

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Defining Culturally Responsive Teaching with a Berimbau

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I learned more than I thought I would. It was really fun and cool!

The information you provided changed my life!

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