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I am the author of articles,  books, and a blog. The topics I cover include diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, belonging, justice, health, wellness, family, life abroad, and many things in between!


On May 18, 2018, my first book, Critical Race and Education for Black Males: When Pretty Boys Become Menwas published with Peter Lang Press. It shares stories from my childhood and educational experiences alongside research on the best practices to reach Black males. 


My second book, released in 2019, Capoeira, Black Males, and Social Justice: A Gym Class Transformed, illustrates my work with Capoeira, schools, and teaching a culturally responsive curriculum.


I am a former weekly columnist at The Good Men Project and contributor to other platforms such as EntrepreneurAddicted2Success, and Thrive Global. My writings reflect the general field of personal development and explicitly address issues relative to positive self-awareness, entrepreneurialism, marriage, fatherhood, physical fitness, and masculinity. 

I am pleased to offer editing and ghostwriting services to future authors interested in traditional and self-publishing options. This is a custom service; please contact me about pricing and additional details of my writing-related services.






Other Writing Samples Can be Found with these Publishers: 

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