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Personal development is the ongoing process of becoming your best self. It is important to take courses designed to encourage self-mastery.


Applying strategies to create well-defined goals, engage leadership skills, make time for wellness activities, practice more mindfulness, and advocate for diversity and inclusion is an investment that can enable you to realize your full potential.


  • Do you want to begin your mornings on a positive start?


  • Do you want to learn how to be patient with your spouse?


  • Do you want to make more time for your children?


  • Do you want to create better goals?


  • Do you wish to improve as a leader at home and on your job? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, my course Frequency: Personal Development 100, is for you!





In this course, Frequency: Personal Development 100, I teach you the vital concepts of positive self-awareness, gratitude, and leadership coupled with the practical strategies for application in your personal and professional lives.


The benefits of taking this course include learning how to program self-love; how to crush your goals; how to discipline yourself to wake up early in the morning; how to create more leadership skills; how to improve consistency with exercise and more including the following:


1 Ebook: The Why Manifesto valued at $19.99


12 Video lectures valued at $350.00


1 Quiz after each lecture valued at $100.00


1 Downloadable workbook with practical exercises valued at $47

15 Capoeira Instructional Videos valued at $150

Total valued at $623.99.

Enroll today for only $147!



Student Testimony:

When I initially enrolled in Dr. Lindsay's Personal Development 100 course, my only goal was to gain some fresh ideas that may benefit my professional growth. What I actually gained has been an invaluable set of lessons offering insight into any area of my life: Professional development, marriage and parenthood, friendships, and personal health. There truly is no area in my life where Dr. Lindsay's lessons are not applicable. - Mark S. 

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