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Instructional Design

Are you interested in improving your employees' job performance? Would you like to create customized Elearning content for your students? Learn more about my work in instructional design, by clicking here.



Do you need a speaker for your next event? I specialize in topics related to personal development, leadership, and diversity. Click here and learn more about these services.

University of Texas at Austin

Live Capoeira Workshops

Are you interested in learning about the music, self-defense tactics, dance movements, acrobatics, philosophies, and rituals of Capoeira? I offer in-person workshops to schools and businesses. Learn more by clicking here!



Are you a school administrator looking to improve programs and curriculum to serve underrepresented students? Are you an executive in search of someone who can inspire your employees to meet their professional and personal responsibilities? If you answered yes to either of these questions, look no further than this link!


High- Performance Coaching

Would you like support to achieve your personal and professional goals? Let's roll up our sleeves, strategize together, and enable success! Click here for my dynamic accountability coaching services.


Online Capoeira 

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your capoeira routine? Would you like to connect with an international community of support and a surplus of training resources? Click here and learn more about the amazing Capoeira In-tune training vault!


Ghostwriting and Editing 

Do you need help with polishing your manuscript for publication? You are in luck. Click here to learn more about my writing background and related services.

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