Leadership Coaching Services


Do you want help with identifying your most important goals, projects, and tasks? 

Do you want help with time management?


Do you want ideas to help you improve as a romantic partner and parent? 

Do you want to find the intrinsic motivation to exercise?


Do you want professional and personal accountability?

My leadership coaching services are designed to guide you in the direction of how you define success. Together we will create practical strategies to help you identify your values and improve in areas that matter to you. Our coaching sessions may focus on professional leadership roles, family relationships, healthy lifestyle choices that include fitness routines and diet, or other topics that resonate with you.


Please complete the intake form below to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation or to begin coaching services.  


Brief Bio


My name is Vernon Lindsay, and I am a professor, martial arts teacher, and coach. I am also a husband to one woman, father to three children, brother to five sisters, and son of two loving parents!


I coach professionals with interests in achieving meaningful indicators of success. 


I am a Chicago native currently living on the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda. Before moving abroad, I worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Teaching and Mentoring with the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Honors College. In the Education Enhancement Department at the American University of Antigua College of Medicine, I teach learning strategies, advise students, and lead the Peer Mentoring and Men's Cave Mentoring programs. 


You can read my extensive bio on the About page of this site.

Throughout my educational and entrepreneurial journey, coaches, mentors, and teachers have guided me along pathways to success. They taught me to define success as someone who lives a positive professional and personal integrated lifestyle. Examples include assuming leadership roles at work, maintaining positive relationships with family and friends, refining healthy habits (exercise, rest, and nutrition), and making meaningful contributions to a community.


As a participant in coaching services, I acknowledge the challenges to identify a person who can meet your individual needs and desires. It's my honor that you are considering my coaching services. 

What can you expect?


  • I will give you my undivided attention to understand your unique experiences and needs.

  • I will remind you of appointments within 24 hours of a mutually arranged date and time.

  • I will provide an audio recording of each individually crafted coaching session.

  • I will offer you encouragement and implemental steps to improve your personal and professional life.

  • I will offer additional resources such as books, articles, film, and relevant job leads that can assist your journey beyond the scope of my products and services.


What can you gain?


A coach who will guide you to understand, how to identify your specific needs and wants.


I will provide you with accountability and show you...


  • How to create better professional and personal goals

  • How to build self-discipline for exercise

  • How to maintain a weekly schedule

  • How to increase confidence

  • How to improve your communication skills with your life partner or significant other

  • How to discover happiness in every day

  • How to strengthen your mind

  • How to uplift your spirit

  • How to cultivate creativity



The Ignite Package - Complete this intake form for Ignite pricing details


This introductory ignite option includes:

1.    One powerful coaching session that will help you identify your personal and professional goals and create an outline for a 2-week execution plan

2.    A sixty-minute phone call where I will focus dedicated time to provide a complete service to you

3.    One downloadable copy of our session 



The Initiate Package - Complete this intake form for Initiate pricing details


This mid-range initiate option includes:

1.    4 one-hour phone calls every week on Zoom or Skype for Business for one month 

2.    4 downloadable copies of our sessions for you to review and assist with your weekly assignments

3.    A unique 60-day plan with action steps (assignments) to accomplish your personal and professional goals    

4.    I will provide critical feedback, editing, and review services for one paper, chapter, or article.

5.    For one month, you will also receive unlimited email, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger support.

The Propel Package - Complete this intake form for Propel pricing details


This high-end propel option includes:

1.    12 one-hour phone calls that occur every week for three months on Zoom or Skype for Business

2.    12 downloadable copies of our sessions for you to review and assist with your weekly assignments

3.    Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or email

4.    A customized 120-day plan with action steps (assignments) to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

5.    Personalized recommendations for books and other media resources to help guide your leadership journey

6.    I will provide critical feedback, editing, and review services for one paper, chapter, article, or book.

7.    You will have complete access to download my virtual courses.​


Academic professionals and graduate students are eligible for special rates on all coaching services.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me directly
@ vernonlindsay@vlindsayphd.com

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