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High Performance Coaching Services

Image by Tim Mossholder

What if ...

you could finally accomplish your New Year's resolutions?

Image by Victor Freitas

What if...

you could meet your exercise and nutrition goals?


What if...

you could achieve your personal and professional goals without neglecting your family's needs?

Are you tired of

struggling to make a good schedule that includes time for work, study, and play?

Are you tired of

feeling like a failure in your romantic and parenting relationships?

Are you tired of

lacking the motivation and energy to exercise on a consistent basis?

Imagine if you could connect with a high-performance coach to help you become a champion at meeting work deadlines, exercising more frequently, and taking care of your family's needs...


My high-performance coaching services are designed to guide you in the direction of how you define success. Together we will create practical strategies to help you identify values and improve in areas that matter to you. Our coaching sessions may focus on professional leadership roles, family relationships, healthy lifestyle choices that include fitness routines and diet, or other topics that resonate with you.




Starting the New Year off with an accountability coach was a great start to my year. Vernon provided useful information on a variety of techniques, books and methods to accomplish my goals. I would highly recommend taking advantage of his coaching services.

For what I needed, the group really was perfect. Your facilitation was just as good. It was focused; you were interested and connected to each of our goals. I think it worked flawlessly for me.