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2 For Good Friday and After


How can you make the most of this Friday? Around the world, Christians recognize the life and death of Jesus Christ on this Good Friday. Regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs, you also have a reason to appreciate this day.

This post will give you two actions you can take today to boost your self-confidence and immune system during the spring season.

Last Saturday, my middle son looks at my wife and asks, "Why do we celebrate Good Friday?" She replies, because "it acknowledges the crucifixion of Jesus." He promptly follows with, "What does crucifixion mean?" She turns and looks at me before replying, "murder?"

“Why did he get murdered?”

"They murdered Jesus because of what he said and did."

She looks at me a second time, sees me nodding in agreement, and then says, "A little help here! This is what I married you for." It's a reference to my background as a PK (preacher's kid).

Instead of interjecting and adding to her explanation, I listened.

Regardless of our backgrounds and perceived levels of expertise, it is sometimes best to use your ears and close your mouth. As the saying goes, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. We need to listen more and talk less.

Often when it comes to religion, history, and politics, men are perceived as authority figures. Regardless of a woman's relevant knowledge and experiences, she is asked to cosign what we suggest as the truth. Masculinity teaches us to take charge and always choose aggression over submission.

Aggression plays an important role in building a business, defending a nation, and dominating a game. It's not been my experience that taking control of every conversation leads to lasting and loving relationships.

I want my children to see my partner and me as resources to answer religion and spirituality questions.

To support this open relationship, this means that there will be times when I lead a discussion and others when I listen. My goal is to blend my childhood examples with my adult perspectives.

Coming into your truest self is not easy. We have to contend with the expectations of family, friends, and society at large. It isn't until we distance ourselves from everything and everyone that we can hear our internal voices.

On this Good Friday, here are two things you can do to support positive feelings about yourself and tap into your immune system’s energy reserves.

1. Start the process of figuring out who or what you believe in today.

This search for spiritual truth may involve watching a virtual church, mosque, or temple service. It could also require that you sit down outdoors for thirty minutes, observe nature, and write about your belief system. Do what feels right and safe for you.


2. Enjoy the weather and do a little bit more than your usual workout.

If you don't exercise, let’s aim to go for a fifteen-minute walk, before dinner. If you do exercise, try doing one more rep or jog for five more minutes. To tap into our energy potential, we must push beyond the physical and mental limitations we have set for ourselves. Take advantage of the weather changes and make time outside a priority.

Christ died because of his thoughts and actions. He believed he was God's son. His refusal to respect the laws transformed him from prophet to criminal in the perception of governmental authorities. Jesus, or Yeshua in Aramaic, sacrificed his life for the liberation of his people.

On this Good Friday, what are you willing to lose to experience a better Saturday and subsequent days for the rest of your life. While you have time on this earth, get clear on your religious and spiritual beliefs. Challenge yourself to experience growth into the best possible version of yourself.

Would you like to read more of my thoughts on relationships, religion, and spirituality? Buy my book, Dear Brother: 82 Powerful Poems to Guide Your Journey to Healthy Black Masculinity. Inside the book, you will find open-heart felt letters and poems shared to help you live in your potential now.

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