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Death, Life, and Fútbol

Photo courtesy: Dianne Hofner Saphiere


Yesterday, my family’s video blog, vlog, returned to YouTube! La Vida Lindsay took a few weeks off to refocus and to make a couple of tweaks in our approach to sharing our journey from life in the United States to Mexico. Episode fifty-three is titled, Death, Life, and Fútbol, because it explores three areas and events of our lives that we have participated in since season one ended in October.

Dia de Muertos, my birthday, and my children's new involvement in a local soccer team are discussed and illustrated in the opener to season two. The vlog shares the process that was involved in becoming El Charro, a legendary figure in Mexican history, and my volunteer role with a local bookstore during the incredible Dia de Muertos’ festivities. Last week, I was blessed to celebrate another birthday, and so the vlog also has some footage from the party we hosted on a remote island, that included snorkeling, capoeira, an adventure walk with the kids, and some leisure time with family and friends. Lastly, the season opener provides video footage and commentary from our children’s participation in a local soccer team.

Enough talking about the content of the vlog! The link is here:


What’s new this season?

As stated above, we decided to make a couple of adjustments in our approach and content. For starters, you will see a new logo design in the upper right corner of every video. Thanks to a local friend of mine, there will be more drone footage in this season. Gabi and I are also dedicating about a minute in each week’s episode to share a useful tip for families and individuals looking to create a location independent lifestyle.

Our overarching goals for the vlog are to entertain, educate, and inspire our viewers. Many people come to YouTube for entertainment, and so we are excited to share all the exciting activities we are blessed to enjoy in the year-long tropical weather of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. A surplus of misconceptions about the people, culture, and history of Mexico currently exist. As we learn more about our new community, we will use our channel as a tool to dispel myths and accurately inform our audience about life in Mexico. Last, but not of least importance, is also our intent to use the YouTube platform to illustrate a positive example of family and to encourage others to live a life by design. Our videos are released every Friday on YouTube, and we hope you will subscribe!

Did you see the opener? Thoughts? What would you like to see in season two?

Leave a response in the comments! Please share this post with one person, and thank you for taking the time to read it this morning.


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