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Antigua Expectations and Reality


Before I arrived in Antigua and Barbuda, I pictured evening walks on the beach with my family, a picturesque home, and an employment opportunity that enabled me to impact others while also providing a comfortable lifestyle for myself and the people I love. We moved here July 25th after spending two years in Mexico, and there remains much to adjust to in our new home. While I am grateful for the chance to live in the Caribbean islands, it does come with many challenges.

In the spirits of leadership and vulnerability, I want to let you know that my transition to life on this island has been difficult. Our expenses have tripled since we left Mexico. Many of the conveniences available in our previous community, such as an abundance of transportation options, affordable grocery stores every two to six blocks, and entertainment options within walking distance are not available in our new neighborhood. With the demands of my new work schedule, I’ve had to spend a significant amount of time away from my most important work as a husband and father. While I am grateful for the opportunity to live in Antigua with the assurance that I am making a direct impact on the lives of others through my work at the university, it is tough.


The other day my six-year-old said, “daddy can you try not to work so hard tomorrow?"


One of the most challenging aspects of my new life is the required time away from my children. The other day my six-year-old said, “daddy can you try not to work so hard tomorrow?" I said I would try, while also knowing that in the back of my head, the next day is full of time spent on campus followed by some additional work when I arrive home. On almost every night of the week, my five-year-old asks me if I can call in sick and not go to work the next morning. I am grateful for a partner who takes good care of our children while I tend to my work responsibilities, but it does not make it any easier to know that I am missing out on moments of my children’s lives.

If you are currently employed and have children at home, then the feelings I am expressing in this blog might resonate with your experiences. Every day of our lives we make sacrifices for the people we love in our lives. Our families may not recognize every act, but we make sacrifices every day to provide securities and the necessities to live a fulfilling life.

Despite the tone of this blog, it's not all doom and gloom. Every day, I have maintained the morning routine that encourages me to remain positive and hopeful throughout this transition. I make progress on my writing and entrepreneurial projects each day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I jog to a breathtaking beach within five minutes of my home, where I can enjoy sunset walks with my family. I am renting a comfortable home. It's only been a little over a month at my new job, and I can see the difference my presence is making on the campus.



Overall life is a blessing that comes with tests to determine our fortitude to withstand challenges. I am more determined to fulfill my life's callings, and I want to help you rise to your full potential. If you’re a father and struggling to integrate work and home life, enroll in my course that teaches you how to develop the mindset and discipline to keep pushing forward.

Purchase my book that shares stories from my childhood with a focus on how I developed into the man I am today. I want to serve as an investment in your life that consistently grows in value.

Enjoy the remainder of your Saturday, and if this message resonates with you, please share it with someone in your social media network.


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