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I Commit


It has not been perfect. I will continue to face some challenges. Regardless of the circumstances, I commit to making this work.

As you know, the transition from life in the United States to abroad has not been easy for my family or me. We have battled financial problems, emotional growing pains, and other life obstacles that come with pursuing alternative paths to success. These three years living as an expat have pushed us beyond figurative and literal boundaries.

I am grateful for every triumph and failure that came with the decisions to live in Mexico and now Antigua. Today, I am declaring that I will exhaust the greatness inside of me to make the life I desire for my family and me.

I will grow every day filled with an abundance of positive intentions to make an impact in global communities.

It's vital that we make it a regular habit of revisiting our commitments. Robin Sharma's book, "Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari," forced me to reassess some of my values. In Sharma's book that I inhaled in three days, I found myself reflecting on my life's work and the legacy of leadership I will leave behind.

One of the many jewels of knowledge Sharma shares in the book include the importance of recognizing the symbolism in each day. Through an easy-to-follow story, he discusses how living with monks taught him that every day is representative of life and death. When we wake in the morning, we are born. In the evening when we go to sleep, we die.

Leaders make sure that what happens in between birth and death matters.

How are you spending your days? I’m sure if you pay close attention to how you use your time, you can find some mindless activities that you need to stop. Self-mastery includes identifying high and low yield activities.

My high yield activities include investing in my personal development and acquiring the skills to make my business succeed. Actions such as praying, reading scriptures, meditating, writing, spending mindful time with my family, and training Capoeira compile my list of daily musts. To improve as an entrepreneur, it requires that I read more and make adjustments to my model in alignment with my goals. The returns I receive from these components of my life are related to the impact I will make in this world.

I am committed to making the best of every day with an intentional awareness of how my talents, skills, and gifts can serve others in need.

Living my life abroad has served as the catalyst for awakening this deeper level of consciousness inside me. Today, I returned from a trip to visit my family in Los Angeles. My family and I had a great time spending time with my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and sisters. I appreciated getting some of the comfort things I enjoyed while living in Chicago, but I do not have plans to return and live in the United States.

Whether I will retire in Antigua, return to Mexico, or move to another country is uncertain. A life abroad offers me the peace of mind and simplicity essential to how I define success.

What will you commit to on this day? I really would like to know. Respond in the comments or send me an email message at

If you need help with identifying your commitments, enroll in my online self-paced to learn the skills that can help you develop clarity.


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