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Immigration Raids and Leadership


While working out at an LA Fitness gym, I saw the news scroll across the bottom of a TV screen. I read about the planned immigration raid to hit major cities around the US. My initial response was rage and disgust.

It took some time, but I channeled that anger into inspiration.

From frustration about #45’s latest attempt at targeting people undocumented to thinking about solutions, I found myself in an interesting space. It is clear to me that there is a xenophobic agenda led by the current US administration. These fears of people born in other countries encourages the separation of families and practices aligned with concentration camps.

From these thoughts, I stumbled across a couple of ideas about leadership in The White House.

Trump’s ego is in charge. He cannot secure funding for his Mexico border project. This latest raid is another attempt to separate the US from people he identifies as "animals, illegal aliens, and felons.” His prideful reputation convinces him that he is "Making America Great Again.”

Somehow he doesn’t see how he is perpetuating the discrimination and violence that have always prevented America from being great.

Are there some people who travel to the US and commit crimes? Yes, but we cannot allow the actions of some to determine the value of all. Many of the people who come to The States are looking for better opportunities to provide for their families. It’s ironic to me that in a country with an abundance of material resources, notions of scarcity dictate the political agenda of people in power.

The immigration raid that has received mixed results since Saturday evening encourages me to continue my work. I write about leadership, social justice, families, and health. Working with coaching clients, teaching at a university, and mentoring through Capoeira are also central parts of my life’s callings. I believe the body of my work is making an impact on global communities.


Last week, I traveled to California to present and to participate in Kevin Kumashiro’s Education, Social Justice, and Public Voice: A Writing Workshop and Retreat. This five-day incredible event was designed to support writers with interests in social justice. Academics, entrepreneurs, and community activists met in Oakland to engage in daily workshops, mindful meditation sessions, and a distraction-free writing environment. I shared a presentation on writing and using social media to build digital communities.

The event left me inspired about the potential of using my writing skills to foster awareness. I am recharged to write more about injustices that include immigration policies, leadership ideals, and other valuable topics. The people who attended the event reminded me that I am not alone in this beautiful struggle to improve our society.

What are your gifts, skills, and talents? Leaders with investments in improving the lives of other people possess positive self-awareness. They know their strengths and use them to fulfill a need.

We are not perfect, but we should engage in projects aimed to make this world better.

When you embrace the right beliefs about yourself, you can increase happiness in your life and the lives of people in your community. In my latest book, you can learn how I used an art form created from oppression to make a positive impact in the lives of young Black boys. Buy it here.


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