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Coronavirus BS

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I work in a medical school. With the spread of the coronavirus, it is almost impossible to finish a day in the office without hearing the name of this infectious disease that has taken an estimated 3,000 lives and impacted a minimum of 90,000 others. Last Thursday, in a faculty meeting, one of my colleagues reported, “the coronavirus is not in Antigua.”

The news that the coronavirus has not arrived on the island is a blessing. We have inadequate healthcare to handle an outbreak. Antigua has limited access to medical professionals and insufficient resources to meet the population’s health needs. A coronavirus outbreak would make things worse.

I don’t buy #45’s claim that the coronavirus is a democratic hoax. As cases spread from Asia to Europe and North America, the coronavirus is now considered a world crisis. The democratic party does not have unified interests in seeing the world's population get sick.

Any person is vulnerable to the disease if they come in contact with someone infected.

It is time we take care of ourselves. We need to make sure that we wash our hands for a minimum of twenty seconds after using the bathroom and before we prepare food. It is also essential that we exercise, eat healthy foods, and get adequate rest.

The CDC site expands on more preventative actions.

Did you know that eating too much sugar can weaken your ability to fight infections? Yes, while sugar tastes good, it can be harmful. At the start of February, I began a fast from consuming any food or product with added butter or sugar; I called it the “No BS fast”) The intentions for this fast included finishing my instructional design portfolio, and cleaning up my diet.

On March 1st, I decided to make the "No BS fast," a permanent part of my lifestyle. I will continue to eat desserts on special occasions. My family’s Friday pizza night ritual will remain the exception to my restricted diet. Oreos will maintain their permanent status as my favorite cookie. However, on most days, I am pledging to say no to any foods with added butter and sugar.

Fruit will serve as my sweet tooth fix.

I am not suggesting that you have to eliminate sugar from your diet. Try to cut back on regular consumption. If you load your coffee with sugar every day, drink it black or try stevia. The taste will not kill you.

The coronavirus is spreading, and we need you to be at your best. Our communities are depending on you to serve as a healthy leader. Your presence is necessary.

With my students, I emphasize self-care. Due to the demands of medical school, many choose to neglect their health in exchange for more study time. Many do not eat well or make time to exercise.

My students claim, “I don’t have time to exercise.” I tell them, when we don’t make time to improve and maintain our health, we give our bodies no choice but to lose time to sickness.

I am prayerful that you and your loved ones do not become infected with the coronavirus. In the event it does spread to impact your community, let’s do our best to give our bodies the best internal defenses to fight infection.

Wash your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds after the bathroom and before preparing food.

Disinfect surfaces.

Reduce your butter and sugar consumption. – No BS

Get adequate rest.

Make time to exercise.

Protect your mental health, acknowledge #45’s ridiculous claim that the coronavirus is a democratic hoax, and engage in a mindful activity such as meditation to reduce stress.

Take care of yourself.

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