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Dear Dad,

Emery Lindsay and son


It’s been five days. How are you feeling? Do you miss Los Angeles and the process of preparing for your next sermon?

Fifty years of ministry is an accomplishment. I hope the drive from LA to Chicago gave you more than a few seconds to appreciate retirement.

You should relax, but I know you. Likely, you have already plotted getting involved with another church. It’s in your blood to stay busy.

Your work fills you with passion and purpose for living. Serving as a pastor for 50 years is a noble calling. Now, you can shift the delivery of your message from the Sunday pulpit to a book.

Retirement can become the time to write. “50 Divine Lessons from 50 Years of Painful Ministry" might be a catchy title. You can find an editor to help finesse your experiences into a bestseller. 

There's much to pull from the churches you've pastored in Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

I'm sorry I missed Saturday’s celebrations. I see things went well from my sister's Instagram posts and the YouTube clip. My mother dressed to the nines, and Camile delivered a heartfelt speech. You looked nice, too, in your gray suit and gold tie.

I hope the tribute video made up for my absence. The committee contacted me in April to help organize something for the banquet with my siblings.

In the video, we applauded your work ethic and parenting efforts to raise us with solid values and discipline. Camile shared her excitement about having you and Mom nearby. Melanie and Rachel talked about how you inspired them and the many sacrifices mom made to support you.

Erica discussed concerns about Sunday dinners without you. Her family will miss seeing you at the dinner table on Victoria Avenue. I hope you saved pictures and videos of your after-church moments with them.

I incorporated some footage of your experiences in Antigua into my portion of the video tribute. We look forward to capturing more moments with you and Mom when you need to escape Chicago’s winters. You could probably stop scheduling your trips around Sunday services.

You are no longer required to preach every Sunday.

Brittany anticipates that you will also be available for more international trips. Be sure to keep your passport updated. She probably has at least five locations on deck now.

We will celebrate with you soon in Atlanta. The children are counting down until the trip. At the retirement events, I'm sure someone will share many stories with us that we can pass on to the next generation of Lindsays.  

Below is your tribute video on YouTube. It reiterates the ideas in this letter and shares humorous predictions about your next move.

Share the video with your friends if you know how to use your phone. I will help by tagging you on Facebook. People want to know about two of the essential hats you've worn as the Dad of six children and husband to one deeply devoted woman.

Happy Semi-retirement!




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