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From Touching Triathlons to Social Distancing


Are you a runner? Do you enjoy putting on your shoes in the morning or in the evening to hit the pavement? In addition to training capoeira, I enjoy jogging.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Antigua and Barbuda government placed us under strict orders to stay home. We received permission to grocery shop and attend medical appointments, but otherwise, movement restrictions included leaving your property line to exercise. The local government responded like global communities to prevent the spread of the virus.

As soon as the government eased the lockdown mandate, I went for a jog. It felt good to get outside the confines of my home and sweat on Antigua's narrow roads.

Are you able to go outside? If the weather is decent, you should make it a priority to go for a walk or jog for twenty-thirty minutes on three days this week. Your body will appreciate the exposure to vitamin D and exercise.

When I run, I sort my mind’s eye. I think about my personal and professional goals. Some days I run for time with an interval training approach, but on most days, I do it to relieve stress and to be alone with my thoughts.

I am attempting to share this joy of running with my children. To encourage healthy adult habits, I have taken each of my children on an evening and morning run in our neighborhood. We jog at a moderate pace with multiple breaks, but they manage to get through a 3-mile jog.

Before lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, the entire family participated in a 4k race hosted by my job. The race was a subset of a larger event that included a full triathlon. From a 5 AM ferry ride on the Caribbean sea to a full day of activities, including the race, swimming, and tug-o-war, I captured some beautiful moments on camera.

We had a great day, and I transformed the footage into this month's vlog upload! My middle child earned first place in his age bracket, and my youngest also won a medal. Their jogs with me paid off!

See our preparation and footage from the AUA Rohrman event in this episode, From Touching Triathlons to Social Distancing, on YouTube @ La Vida Lindsay. While you are on the channel, please subscribe and share the video with a friend.

Make going outside for a jog or a walk your choice of exercise this week. If your government asks that you wear a mask or have one available, don't forget to bring one with you. Yes, it is annoying to carry and wear a face mask, but it can prevent potential exposure to COVID-19. Despite this pandemic, we must continue to do our best to take care of ourselves.

Exercising for thirty minutes on three or more days per week is essential to encouraging stronger immune systems. Let’s stay active and continue to make healthy food choices. If you struggle with exercise consistency and train capoeira, explore the Capoeira In-tune program that I am beginning in June. It will provide motivation and a surplus of resources to help you grow in Capoeira and life!


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