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Mother's Day is Every Day

I captured this pic of her on an early morning before the day's chaos started!


What are you grateful for this week? During and after this crisis, we need to make time for creating personal inventories of gratitude. It’s important to list the people and things in our lives that bring us joy.

Before next week's Mother's Day holiday, this post serves as an example of how to show appreciation for someone special in your life today. While holidays can serve as reminders to show gratitude for others in our lives, we do not need to limit meaningful gifts or gestures of appreciation to one day per year.

Are you blessed to have a mother in your life? Acknowledge her as soon as you finish reading this entry! Write her a special note, send a text message, email virtual flowers, give her a call, or buy her a piece of chocolate because it is Friday.

I am guilty of not always demonstrating gratitude and love for the many small things that my wife, Gabriella, does to keep our household functioning at its best. She does a lot! On any given day, she is a business owner, master chef, professional cleaner, and nowadays our children’s homeschool teacher.

In my last post, I admitted to helping Gabriella provide our three little ones with a homeschool education. In all honesty, she takes the lead, and I serve as her teaching assistant. Gabriella sorts the many email notifications from teachers and shares the information with me to help teach the curriculum.

With my wife’s background and experience in elementary education, I know that she is more qualified to serve as our children’s teacher. She taught for several years in Chicago and LA. Before we left the States, she worked as the assistant principal of an elementary school. I am happy to follow her lead.

My children are a handful. The oldest has a temper and can talk a little too much. My middle son believes that crying is the answer to every request. At any time of the day, my baby boy is singing or jumping off the walls. The unique personalities of my three beautiful children require a LOT of attention.

I am not perfect, but I do my best to recognize Gabriella for at least one thing that she does every day. After she prepares one of her many healthy and tasty dinners, I always say thank you and encourage the children to do the same. I wash the dishes every night, and on the weekends, I prepare breakfasts.

In case I am slipping on my game, I have a reminder set on my phone to say I love you and to hold her hand. There is also a monthly reminder to take her out on a date. (Due to COVID, we are overdue!)

It’s the small daily gestures that can help you build a successful partnership. Work together to help manage the homeschool assignments. Alternate days to cook the meals or wash the dishes.

No marriage or union is perfect. Every day is a blessing and opportunity to improve our lives and invest in healthy relationships. What will you do today to recognize your partner, spouse, or mom?

Listen, I haven’t always been able to talk or write about my feelings in this capacity. Manhood convinced me to avoid these types of conversations. If you struggle with expressing love for your wife, partner, or someone else in your life, enroll in this personal development course or explore my coaching services- scholarships now available! I can teach you how to create more success in your personal and professional relationships.

Before I let you go, let me tell you about this month’s vlog episode. During your childhood, did you ever make homemade tents with blankets and chairs? I used to make tents with my sisters in our basement.

With minimal interference from me, my children created an episode that shows how they spent 23 hours in one of their tents made from blankets, chairs, and cardboard. I acted as their technology teacher and helped guide them through the video shooting and editing processes for the upload to YouTube. I transformed their obsession with making tents into a homeschool technology assignment.

See their unique approach to vlogging below and subscribe to our channel.

Peace and blessings, stay healthy and thank you for making time to read this post. Remember to reach out to mom or another loved one today.


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