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Soccer or Football?

Father and son


Dear Emery,

How does it feel to turn 11 years old? I remember that age, but I won't bore you with stories of my year in the fifth grade.

The other day we asked Zuri for some advice about sixth grade. She talked about bullies and puberty. You replied, "I don't get bullied in my class."

You are one of the more popular students in your class. I know this because of the many stories you share about your school days and football practices.

There I said it. Football. Football is your thing. I don't remember the last time I came home from work, and you didn't have a new story about a football player.

I didn't play football when I was 11. We actually called it soccer, and my exposure only came during rare moments in gym classes. Basketball was my favorite sport.

I am happy you found something that you are passionate about. When I see you at practice, it's apparent you are in love. You run, shout out plays, assist, defend, and score goals.

The other players see you as one of the team's leaders. Don't take this role for granted. Treat your teammates with respect, listen to your coach for guidance, and always do your best on and off the field.

This year you wanted a gaming desk for your birthday. When we ordered it from Amazon, we didn't know, or rather I didn't know the size of it. I paid more in customs fees than the price of the desk.

Thankfully, your grandparents and Auntie Brit transferred some money to my account for you. It will help to offset the shipping charges. So make sure you call them today and say thank you for the birthday gift.

I enjoy our after-dinner talks and walks with the dog. Instead of lecturing you on your 11th birthday, let me end this letter with some encouragement.

You will have challenges. Struggle is a part of life. Perhaps, you will get glimpses of difficult times in the sixth grade.

Whatever happens, know that you are, as your middle name Kuwenza, "very capable" implies. You can and will do great things in life. Believe in your abilities to learn, grow, and improve.

With hard work in your hands, discipline in your feet, God in your heart, and positive thoughts in your mind, the opportunities for you, my son, are endless.

I hope you have a good day. Please know that your mother and I love you. Below, see footage from your early games on the field in Mexico to present-day Antigua.

Happy B-day E,



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How about baseball for hiim, Dr. Lindsay. No head shots. Or tennis? Just saying... ;)

Replying to

Soccer is what he loves! He is also starting to like cricket, which is similar to baseball but not quite. We haven't tried tennis.

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