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Still Running

Ran hitting the pavement

Did the rain force you indoors? Perhaps you wanted to follow the advice in last week’s blog and run outside, but the weather changed your plans.

It rained throughout last weekend in Antigua. I thought about staying in and resting on the mileage accumulated in the week, but then the pouring slowed to a drizzle.

I reviewed my training goals, warmed up, and went out for a long run. When I returned home, I hopped on the bike before finishing in the pool.

Triathlon training is here. I am registered for the AUA Rohrman triathlon on August 24-25. I started preparing this week with Coach Wayne of Vipers Swim Club to improve my stroke and build the endurance to swim 1500 meters.

I’ve got a lot of work to do.

On Monday, I struggled with 50 meters of freestyle swimming and a 25-meter kicking drill. After I suffered through multiple intervals, Coach Wayne said, “Swimming is a different animal.” I agreed.

Swimming is unlike the domesticated wolves of running, capoeira, lifting weights, and the other activities I'm used to doing for fitness. It pushes your body and mind in different ways. It’s more than flapping your arms and kicking water.

Your hands must enter the current at a specific angle to swim efficiently. To avoid fatigue, you coordinate controlled breaths between strokes. 

By August, I expect confidence in my abilities to compete with other triathletes. Over the next four months, I will embody the multiple disciplines of swimming, biking, and running.

No one can control the weather on race day. It may rain. I must be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws my way.  

Pursuing challenging fitness goals is an incredible training ground for life. You must develop the strength, flexibility, and endurance to overcome physical and mental challenges. The skills gained are transferrable to living in an unpredictable world.

So, even when it rains, get out and run. If there is a lightning storm, delay the start time, but as soon as it passes, hit the streets, sidewalks, or a treadmill.

Are there times when you shouldn’t run? Yes, if you are someone with an injury, physical impairment, or have the last name Trump, please sit down. It’s in your best interest to heal properly, follow your doctor’s orders, or retire if your initials are DT with previous poor performances in The White House.  

Some suggest that Biden shouldn't run again for office because of his age, but almost anyone is better than a repeat of 2016-2020 US politics.

Sorry for the electoral run digression. Let’s get back to the importance of cardiovascular workouts.

Did you know exercise can enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being? Research suggests regular workouts lower the chances of dementia. Experiment with activities and see what’s possible when you refuse to let anything, including the weather, get between you and your goals.

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