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2 more for 2024

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Last week, I offered you four questions to ask yourself. This week, I have two more to help you start your year with a solid start.


The initiation phase of resolutions often feels good. You feel motivated and energized to get after your goals. Then reality sets in; you must find the key to unlock the discipline inside yourself to access consistency. The discomfort of moving beyond your comfort zone is not fun.


You procrastinate and avoid the things you need to do.


Making changes to how you’ve always done things is almost as painful as stomaching Trump's political agenda. No amount of water will help you digest the slanted policies proposed by his campaign. Maybe if you drink more alcohol than necessary, his efforts to run for president will make sense to you.


Return to the present moment.


Listen, you have another day to move closer to your goals. If you’ve made a mistake, start over or restrategize from your current position. Being more intentional about how you spend time is not an exclusive event tied to January 1.


Every day you wake up offers you a chance to restart.


No more prolonging.


Here are two more daily questions to ask yourself in the second week of 2024.


1.     What did you learn today?


In The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer, Steven Kotler suggests reading at least 25 pages daily. Audiobooks count; listen for a minimum of 25 minutes. Explore topics related and unrelated to your field. Purposeful learning helps you develop knowledge, strengthen skills, and inspire creative actions.  


2.     How did you challenge yourself?


You can initiate new challenges in various domains. Let's go with fitness because we often start a new year with health and diet pledges. Do a different workout this week. If you walk, run. Try swimming or an alternative weight-lifting routine. 


YouTube and the Nike Training Coach apps provide too many dynamic options to list here.


If you need accountability, sign up here. I am accepting three clients before February 1. We can work together to answer the questions in this post and explore the topics in the video below the final two sentences.


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