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3 Reasons These 3 Succeed


At 5am ...

It’s 5:00 AM, and I receive a text message that begins with, “It’s your boy.” Immediately, I think Eric Thomas, quickly followed by the question why is he sending me a text message and at this hour of the day. The, “It’s your boy,” opener and closer are synonymous with Eric Thomas & Associates, LLC that delivers blunt, clear, and inspirational personal development education. Within the text message was a link to an inspirational one-minute audio clip by Eric Thomas, because I provided my phone number and email on his company’s website to receive updates and other information. The time of the day that his team sent the text message alongside their podcast, TGIM YouTube series, live events, email list serve, Breathe University program, books, other services and products are indicative of the company’s creed that declares they must give “120%” effort to meet their goals.

Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk are three of the most financially successful entrepreneurs and speakers in the realm of professional development. Each of these entrepreneurs has built admirable companies because they are willing to send subscribers a text message at 5:00 AM and do whatever else is necessary to inspire and to encourage the people they serve. Eric Thomas frames it as giving "120%" effort to make your dreams become a reality. Tony Robbins frequently speaks about the power of commitment to achieve the impossible. Gary Vaynerchuk embodies similar philosophies in his advocacy for “the hustle.” Each of these entrepreneurs represents the epitome of a person with high work ethics and dedication that transcends a normal desire to succeed.

Let's talk money

Through the documented earnings of Eric Thomas’, Tony Robbins’, and Gary Vaynerchuk’s businesses it is feasible to understand why many people respect them as entrepreneurs. Eric Thomas is quoted as being able to charge $50k to $100k per corporate training workshop. Tony Robbins is reported to have a net worth of approximately $440 million. Gary Vaynerchuk's two companies have disclosed over $20 million in annual revenue. Monetary value determines one measure of success, and Thomas, Robbins, and Vaynerchuk’s businesses far exceed the average income of households in the United States.

How do you define success?

There are multiple ways to define success. It can include a financial portfolio similar to Thomas, Robbins, and Vaynerchuk. Success can also mean good health or a strong spiritual perspective. Ask yourself, what does success mean to me?


What are the three reasons Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk are financially successful?

1. They practice what they preach.

Eric Thomas’ branding statement, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful,” is fitting for a company that specializes in personal development and emphasizes the commitment to a self-discipline and strong work ethic values. In Thomas’ speeches, he frequently admits to a 3 am early rise to work and make progress on projects that are integral to his life and business. Consistently, he models the behavior that has come synonymous with his brand.

2. They are committed

Regarding financial success, Tony Robbins is the clear leader with an estimated $440 million net worth. A key component to Robbins’ financial success is his ability to resist fear and commit entirely to the achievement of an identified objective or goal. In Robbins’ words, “the secret lies in being able to break through the fear and unlock the limiting beliefs to create the life of your dreams.” Robbins' achievements indicate that when he makes a business decision, it is accompanied by the belief system that he will be successful.

3. They hustle

The ability to work hard on multiple projects while maintaining a central focus, hustle, is a skill that has influenced the success of Gary Vaynerchuk. The self-declared, “Mr. Hustle," is respected for his roles as a husband and father and successfully building two companies, Wine Library and Vayner Media. He consistently attributes the financial success he has achieved to his ability to hustle in his professional and personal life. Vaynerchuk claims that entrepreneurs who wish to increase their profit margins, must adopt a hustler mentality and be willing try whatever it takes to accomplish their company's objectives.

Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk are financially’ successful because they embody the philosophies that guide their brand. Through exploring Thomas’ model of a strong work ethic, Robbins ability to resist fear, and Vaynerchuk’s consistent recognition of the value in hustling, it is feasible to see how these three entrepreneurs have achieved financial success. The common thread in their business success lies in their ability to believe in themselves, their services, and products. With a firm belief in the products and services you offer and through developing the wherewithal to work hard, contain fear, and try everything, you can also be successful. Occasionally, it will be difficult, but you must believe that it is possible.

If you need help in developing these skills, I am available!


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