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There will be occasions when you must say "no" to others to say "yes" to yourself and the strategic activities in alignment with pushing your dreams forward. This philosophy is the premise of Shanda Rhimes' book, Year of Yes. I cannot claim to have read this one, but this is the understanding I have gathered from my wife who did and shared Rhimes’ overarching theme with me.

The sentiment in Rhimes’ text, telling others "no" to say "yes" to me, resonates with my use of social media. I use social media in part to the social benefits, but more for the potential community influences, it can produce for business. However, with my moderate and disciplined use, I continue to find myself spending more time than I would care to admit on Instagram and Facebook.

Social media is designed to suck you in! The constant flood of pictures and video can make platforms such as Instagram and Facebook a visual orgy that is a challenge to resist. I have fallen victim to the lure of social media on more than one occasion.

On Wednesday of this past week, I didn't tell myself a soft, "Nah." I said “NO!” I said to myself that I would limit use of social media until I finished creating a course on personal development.

I have postponed making video content and gathering the supplemental resources for my course, Personal Development 100, for too long.

I had to say "no" to my weekly YouTube videos, and multiple daily posts on other platforms, so I could say "yes" to focusing my time and energy in a course that I believe will enrich the lives of others. Personal Development 100 will cover each of the essential components that guided my mind, body, and spirit to leave the certainty of my job and life in the United States for the uncertainty of full-time entrepreneurialism, mindful parenting, and adventure in Mexico.

I want to avoid all conversations that indicate or infer that making the transition from our lives in the US to Mexico has been smooth. It has been a TOUGH journey. It continues to serve as one of the most challenging experiences I have endured to date. However, with gratitude, it has also produced many triumphs along this bumpy road.


The most significant reward has been the clarity it has offered me as a partner, father, and entrepreneur. Before moving to Mexico, I was all over the place about what I wanted in life. I was working a job that partially fulfilled me and running a business that demonstrated limited growth in seven years of operation. I was also juggling a household and trying to serve as a devout partner and loving father.

The resources I found through personal development have enriched my life on multiple levels, and I happy to now share what I have learned. My goal is to complete the content by March 21, 2018. Through my mailing list, I will send out a promotional rate and code before making the course available to the general public.

Where will I advertise my course, Personal Development 100? Social Media...duhJ) My website will also serve as a platform to support this course.

As I continue to explore the topic of discipline in my writings this month, I want you to declare right now to say "no" to at least one thing or person today! If you're a parent, this will be very easy. For everyone else, say "no" to something or someone and say "yes" to a bright future with a sun of possibilities.

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