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You + X = Achievement


Dear Student,

How are you this week? I hope that you are taking the advice I offered you in my previous entries to heart. Remember it is essential, to take care of yourself and to be mindful of how you spend your time. This week, I want to encourage you to look for opportunities to build community.

You're in college now, and it is time for you to distance yourself from the high school version of yourself. No one cares about what you are wearing. The other students are not concerned about who you are dating. You must focus on handling your business to master the concepts of your courses and graduate in preparation for the next phase of your life.

College can serve you as preparation for success in your private and public affairs. In college, you can learn how to build great friendships. The challenges inherent with studying for exams is a valuable bonding activity. Attending college can also foster the establishment of professional networks that lead to employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.


I need you to understand a fundamental principle. No one achieves anything of significance without the assistance of others. It's vital that you make time this week to find another student who can act as your accountability partner.


The person you choose to check in or study with must be responsible. They must possess the willingness to send you a message and verify that you are doing well and making progress. It is ideal to establish a partnership with a student who has a better handle on the material than you because they can also serve as a tutor. Having an accountability partner has nothing to do with your intelligence.

This week you stopped by my office. You presented yourself as if everything was under control. When I asked you about whether you had an accountability partner or studied alone, you promptly replied, "I can do this by myself." I listened, and you continued, "I work really fast, and not many people can hang with my pace. I'm fine. I don't need anyone."

I listened to you, and now I hope you can listen to my words. To earn success in any field, the possession of a humble attitude with a desire to learn are critical first steps of the journey. Throughout every step that you take aligned with the roads to achievement, you will need others to help guide you toward your destiny.

You are capable of plenty by yourself. Yet, it remains necessary to have a partner to ensure that you are making the most of your time. It takes someone else to push many of us beyond the mental and physical limits we impose on ourselves under the guise of safety. Mastery in any subject commences when we are willing to push boundaries and to dedicate ourselves to improvement every day.


Teachers, coaches, family members, friends, and partners can serve as excellent accountability resources if we allow ourselves to embrace the strength in vulnerability.


You are not weak if you ask for help. It takes a strong person, to admit they need someone's assistance. Forget the rugged individualism that is often planted in students with the untapped potential to grow in the American education system.

Each of us possesses the ability to achieve great things with our lives. Don't waste this gift of life, by refusing to work with others.

This week your assignment is to find another person, share your goals, and commit to working with each other until your identities are synonymous with achievement.

Peace, Respect, and Solidarity,

Dr. Lindsay


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