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#birdbox and Your Goals


Without spoiling the movie, I want to share with you a takeaway from Netflix’s popular film Bird Box that can help you meet your 2019 goals.

Bird Box is a psychological thriller starring Sandra Bullock. It’s a film about a community overtaken by an unknown spirit with the power to cause healthy people to commit suicide. The only ways to avoid infection include remaining indoors or wearing a blindfold when going anywhere outside.

The need for food and other supplies limits the effectiveness of staying inside as a long-term survival tactic. Without any attempts as discretion, Bird Box vividly demonstrates the consequences of venturing outdoors and seeing remnants of the spirit in the wind.


If you have a low threshold for violent screen depictions of death, I do not recommend watching this movie.


At one point in the film, Bullock’s character, Mallory, has to prepare her children for a grueling journey. She warns the children that removing their blindfolds during the trip would lead to their death. Discipline, sacrifice, community, and the ability to plan are required skills to survive.

How does Bird Box relate to your goals? Please read on for the correlation between the survival tactics in the movie and achievement in 2019.

This year, you said, “new year, new you.” You made resolutions and changed behaviors to meet your goals. January was a good month, and then something happened.

Life happened, and challenges prevented you from holding yourself accountable.

Maintaining the discipline to achieve a goal throughout twelve months is extremely difficult. To be successful, you need to develop a detailed strategic plan. In most cases, it will also require some support. A community of like-minded individuals can often serve as the link between your goals and accomplishments.

In the film Bird Box, your life depends on the healthy individuals within your circle. People help each other to fight oppositional parties, acquire food, and secure shelter.

I don't want you to walk into 2019 with your eyes closed, like the characters in Bird Box. To meet your goals, you will need to be alert and explore strategies that can work. This week I am re-reading the book, “The Twelve Week Year: Get More Done in Twelve Weeks than Others do in Twelve Months,” by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington. Each time I read it, I learn something new about the importance of goal setting and planning.



In the book, there is a discussion about accountability in one of the chapters that should resonate with many of us during this goal-setting season. The authors state that we often think of accountability as an external entity. We expect others to hold us accountable for meeting our goals. Believing, we are not capable of controlling our emotions, decisions, and behaviors is counterproductive to success.

To reduce structural inequalities created by individuals in power, we need well-established policies and laws to implement remedies aimed at addressing problems. Organizations such as schools, business, and governments need accountability measures in place. Your goals are not about them.

When it comes to our goals and the decisions to act on the required steps as individuals, Moran and Lennington argue that we must take ownership. It is possible to discover the strength, discipline, and abilities within ourselves to follow-through with our plans, before looking to others to hold us accountable.

We are not going to be perfect, but every day is an opportunity for progress aligned with achievement. Today, I want to encourage you to create the support required for your success.


Like the people in Bird Box, a group of like-minded individuals is imperative to survival. I want you to embrace your goals in 2019, today as if they are vital to your existence.


Set up a schedule with 2-3 people who you can meet with weekly and hold you accountable for the first 90 days of 2019. Why 90 days? Read the book, “The Twelve Week Year: Get More Done in Twelve Weeks than Others do in Twelve Months,” and receive the answer. Watch Bird Box… if you dare.

If you need help with creating goals and holding yourself accountable, explore my 2019 reduced coaching options.


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