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The In-between Bridge


What do you do when you are in-between? By in between, I mean the time in between paychecks with unexpected expenses, in between relationships, or in between other challenging moments.

How do you cope with feelings that resemble a setback? The best response will depend on the situation. There is no one size fits all approach to ease the transition that can serve as a bridge from where you've been to where you are going.

Imagine struggling to pay bills. There are a couple of options you can explore. You could get a loan to meet your unexpected expenses. It’s also possible to sell a product or provide a service and make some additional money.

Can you envision ending a romantic relationship after years together? There are several responses also worth considering. You could go out and meet someone new. A better option in most cases is to spend time alone and give yourself a season to heal.

When I am in-between, I often take time to think. I sit and write. Exercise in the forms of training Capoeira, jogging, and weight lifting are the activities I also enjoy doing during transitional phases.


A couple of weekends ago I traveled to San Francisco. I went to California to attend a batizado at the United Capoeira Association Hayward (UCA Hayward) school. After three Saturday morning workshops, we were given 2 ½ hours to have lunch and rest before the start of the closing batizado ceremony.

I went to eat and returned to write a draft of this piece. While sitting in the corner of the Jogo Novo academy, home of UCA Hayward, I looked around the space. Families watched the children’s workshops held during the adult break.

Parents and others smiled and took footage while watching the children learn from some respectable teachers. The onlookers and children appeared happy. Each batizado offers something special to participants and their supporters.

A batizado, which translates to baptism, is about the start and ongoing journey to explore the depths of Capoeira. It is an annual event where adults and children receive recognition for the progress gained through months and in some cases years of training Capoeira. New students receive their first belt or cordão. Older and qualified students can earn the next cordão in the system.

The batizado is a time to absorb the in-between feelings.

During the event, I set goals for myself to be in the moment and to recognize the possibility of what is to come. I attended the event to lend support to an incredible UCA school, to learn new skills, and to contemplate my future with Capoeira in Antigua. As the end of the event, I felt determined to push forward with expanding my work on the island.

The in-between moment offers each of us a gift. Look for it when you end a relationship and when you don't have enough money to pay the next bill. Think about what that teachable in-between moment is trying to get you to understand.

This weekend, embrace the unknown as a gift. Sit and think about your heart’s desires. Use your brain and muscles to push your dreams from the realms of your imagination to the pavement.


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