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Financial Aid, Dreams, and You


Dear Student,

Welcome back! It was good to see you in my office this week. Time with family and friends over the brief summer break appears to have renewed your spirit. I am concerned about the terms of our meeting. This letter recaps our meeting and offers you some advice as we move forward into another semester.

You're in danger of losing financial aid assistance. The high standards of medical schools are tough, and last semester, you failed to achieve good academic standing. Per the requirements to reinstate financial aid, you came to meet with me to create an academic plan.

I am happy to help you. The university hired me to teach time management skills and to guide you in learning the science behind learning. Although you failed to meet the university academic standards last term, you are not a failure. This moment in time is for you to ask yourself about the changes necessary to improve your comprehension of the material.

I listened to your story about why you didn’t pass last semester. For clarity purposes, allow me to reiterate. I want to make sure that I understand your unique situation.

You experienced some serious personal challenges last term. You were away from your wife and son. Because you missed them, you adopted a puppy that required a lot of attention. Your grandmother passed away, and in February, you had a car accident. That's a lot to go through in four months. I do understand why it was difficult to also focus on medical school.

It's impressive to see that you remain encouraged to continue working toward becoming a doctor.

I am reading a book by Thomas Moore called Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeal. In the book, Moore writes, about using challenges as inspirational resources to develop deeper meanings for our lives. It might be worth your time to pick up a copy.

To pass next semester and to further your understandings of the material beyond the exams, revisit your reasons for becoming a medical doctor. Make a new schedule. Find an accountability partner. Do whatever it takes and more.

You can achieve your goal to make an impact in your community and provide for your family. I support you. Let's recommit to putting in the work and taking the necessary actions to transform your dream into reality.

Registration begins this week. Remain hopeful and remember nothing is impossible.

I will see you again soon,

Dr. Lindsay


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