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Goodbye La Vida Lindsay


I think it is time. We have reached the point where it is necessary to end the family vlog. I started our YouTube channel, La Vida Lindsay, in 2016, when my family and I decided to move abroad.

Three years into the YouTube game, and it's time to make space for something new. Many of our episodes highlight activities with the kids, my capoeira training sessions, or progress on writing projects. Our lives have become routine, and I no longer feel a need to capture every moment.

While I enjoy creating videos, the vlog is no longer a priority.

Do you remember the blog post, where I discussed essentialism? This decision to stop the weekly vlog episodes is an attempt to live a more simple life, as expressed in that post.

Each ten-minute video uploaded to our channel takes more time than you may think. From start to finish, including the uploading, editing, and social media scheduling, I invest three hours or more of my weekends. Some of the Mexico episodes took much longer than my current process.

I am trying to do a better job of eliminating distractions.

Did you know that I have multiple YouTube channels? Yes, I have channels dedicated to Capoeira, my education work, the extended family, and my family’s life abroad. While I do not post regularly to all of my channels, maintaining them does require energy that I can use elsewhere.

Do you still not understand why I am stopping the weekly uploads to the La Vida Lindsay channel?

#1 I have achieved our goal of showing other families that living and thriving outside the US is possible.

#2 My time is valuable, and I have other priorities.

#3 The channel does not generate any additional income to support the work.

#4 This is an opportunity for me to do less and gain more in life.

When I look at the body of my video projects, I am happy with what I have produced. Across my channels, I have eight hundred fifteen videos! I will not receive an Oscar for any of my YouTube uploads, but I am grateful for the learning experience.

As you work every day to realize your full potential, you must stop and reflect on how you are spending your time. Each day blesses us with twenty-four hours. Some of our days’ activities bring value to our lives and others. In many instances, we are clueless about how we use our limited time on this earth.

This decision to stop uploading to our YouTube channel is the start of gaining more control of how I spend my days. Instead of attempting to film every moment, I will do a better job of living in and appreciating the moments gifted to me. I will also use this time to develop an additional service that combines my skills as a writer, educator, and video editor. Please, continue to read and share this blog.


Do you feel like you need to let something go in your life? There is no time like, now! It's not easy, but letting go may be what you need to do to reveal what matters most in life.

Enroll today in my Personal Development 100 course and gain clarity on how to move your life forward.


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