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For You On and After Valentine's Day!


Is it going down tonight? I mean it's Valentine's Day. February 14th is the day that many couples will celebrate their love. Keep reading for some advice that can help you to extend affections beyond one day of the year.

On December 31st, 2019, my wife and I celebrated ten years of marriage. We spent the day with each other and took some family pictures with the kids. While it wasn't the romantic getaway we envisioned, we had a good day filled with conversations and expressions of love.

After lunch at our favorite local restaurant, we sat down in front of the camera to record some marriage advice for other couples. In the video, I talked about the importance of listening to your partner and not trying to fix every problem presented to you. Watch the vlog in this post for further explanation and my wife’s advice.

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to encourage you to let love stretch you. Your relationship should encourage spiritual, physical, and intellectual growth. It should teach you to understand a deep type of love beyond yourself.

Gabriella and I are not clones. In many ways, we are opposites. Yes, we argue. See the evidence below!


I am a big picture thinker, and she pays attention to details. Together, we help each other see the landscape.

Being married to Gabriella has taught me to love, accept, and celebrate our differences. Gabriella has some habits that I do not like, and I know that I do things that frustrate her every day! Somehow, we work.

We understand that it’s not our responsibility to change each other. Loving and supporting each other is our top relationship priority.

My advice for you today is to let love have its' way in your life. Do not resist! Allow your love for another person to enable your full development as a human being. You must not limit demonstrations of affection to this day.

Are you buying flowers today or planning a special date because it is Valentine's Day? Please do it again tomorrow or next week, because it is Tuesday or Thursday. The Hallmark holiday calendar should not dictate your relationship’s date plans.

My daily goals include telling my wife that I love her and holding her hand before 6:00 PM. To not forget, I have a reminder set on my phone. On most days, I achieve this goal before we leave the house in the morning.

Use this post as a reminder that love is an action verb that we must do every day and not only on Valentine’s Day.

I am looking for feedback on my writing. If this post resonates with you, is just ok, or sucks, I want to hear from you! Please leave your critique in the comments below or send me a private message.


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