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4 for 2024


The clock hit midnight.  Fireworks lit up the sky.  You kissed your special someone and realized you survived another year.


Perhaps you missed the countdown and the fireworks.  You fell asleep before 12:00 AM but woke up determined to do things differently in 2024. 


Four days in, you're feeling like a failure or fraud.  The goals you created on day one of this new year seem far-fetched.  You envisioned your life moving in one direction, but it turned and went somewhere else.


You empathize with former Harvard President Gay and consider resignation from your post.


Is that you?  This first blog post of 2024 will give you four daily questions to ask and answer for yourself.


No delays, here you go.


1.     What did you do to enrich your spirit?


Think about your spiritual practices.  This may include praying, practicing yoga, meditating, attending a religious center, reading scriptures, or a combination of these activities.  Reflect on your efforts to develop internal peace.


2.     How did you spend time with your family?


Every day offers opportunities to improve prioritizing relationships with your children, parents, siblings, spouse, or significant others.  Ponder how you showed up in your relationships.  Were you more focused on your phone's screen or the face of a loved one? 


3.     What did you do to enhance your health?


If you want to lose fat or gain muscle, diet and exercise are critical to your success.  What did you eat, and how did you move today?  If you didn't do great, spend time meal prepping instead of budgeting to eat fast food for lunch.  Organize your schedule for 40 minutes of moderate cardio, strength, and conditioning workouts on four or more days for next week.


4.     How did you stay present?


It's important to spend some time away from electronics.  Start with going to the bathroom without your phone.  That small step will help you to increase focus in other areas of your life.  Think about today’s interactions and how you will improve them tomorrow.


The four questions above may produce the results you want in 2024. Stay consistent. Success will not happen overnight, but the answers to these questions will pay internal dividends reflective of your investment over time.


You can see a video version of these questions below, with highlights from 2023.  It's a less than 3-minute video.  I recorded some of it while running alongside a beach.


Do you have additional questions to assess your progress in 2024?


For example, you might have one about your finances.  How did you save, invest, or create more monetary resources?


Reflecting, learning, and adjusting are essential to transforming your life in 2024.


Sign up for coaching services if you want help with your questions and accountability in 2024.  I have three free coaching discovery call slots open before February 1.


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