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4 Steps 4 My Dreamers

Dreaming off the beaten path in Mexico


How do you pursue your dreams when they are off the beaten path? You will need to invent the compass that can guide you in the right direction. It will not be simple. In fact, it will be complex and difficult. It will require much more than working hard. The path for a person who truly dreams of something better is not paved with gold or even asphalt. If you understand that pursuing your dream could potentially break your spirit and you still want it, then the time is now to open your eyes and start the journey.

Before I decided with my wife and three kids to move from the United States to Mexico, I had no idea of the challenges I would encounter in route to my dream. I had a vision that included opening a school to teach capoeira and traveling to the United States to offer empowerment workshops for young people.

We've lived in Mexico for nine months, and I have not been able to open a capoeira school or travel to the United States as frequently as I would like to offer empowerment workshops. Our finances are a frequent concern because we don't have a consistent income source and it's difficult being away from our family and friends in the United States.


Regardless of how difficult it is on some days, I’m grateful for the opportunities the move to Mexico has presented my family. My children are speaking Spanish. Gabi has started to develop an incredible community of families who wish to relocate abroad. I finished writing my first book and discovered new passions through the creation of our YouTube channel. There is much to be grateful for in our new lives in Mexico, and I have faith that there is a divine order guiding the path as we continue to work toward achieving our dream.

Here are four steps to developing the courage to pursue your dream life.

  1. Don't tell your family, friends, or coworkers about your dream until you are 110% committed to taking the first steps. They are likely not to support you and will cause self-doubt to develop. Yes, there are exceptions, but most people in your life will want you to continue along the path that appears more secure and familiar.

  2. Start a journal and write about your dream every day. This only needs to be a five-minute exercise, but it can be a precious resource to help build the self- confidence necessary to take your first steps toward your dream.

  3. Take time to pray and meditate. Your faith will be pivotal in preventing you from abandoning ship when challenges occur.

  4. Act. It doesn’t make sense to talk about your dream and the life you desire if you are unwilling to start putting in the required work. You have to be willing to go for it and accept that failure is part of the learning process.

What’s one thing that you can do today to make your dream become a reality? Leave your response to this question in the comments and get to work! Follow the progress I make on my dream on Instagram


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