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Last week, I traveled to Chicago to meet with the Kaleidoscope Group that specializes in Diversity and Inclusion education. They work with companies to encourage work environments and hiring practices that reflect values of respect for all persons. Through workshops, evaluations, and educational materials the Kaleidoscope Group strives to impact the lives of people from different race, gender, sexual orientations, age, and physical backgrounds. I went to Chicago to meet with Kaleidoscope Group to get informed about the state of the industry and to discuss options for collaboration.

If you’ve followed my background, then you are aware of my extensive history in education. I have served as a Saturday school volunteer teacher, physical education instructor, after-school facilitator, researcher, and professor. As an employee and entrepreneur, I have taught students at every level from kindergarten to graduate school. My courses have explored topics ranging from physical education to racism and sexism in educational policy. Throughout a time span of eleven years, I have acquired valuable skills and experiences in the education sector. This year I decided to expand my consulting services to include business clients.


According to a recent study that captured the responses of 1,200 people over 18, job seekers are frustrated with companies' over-reliance on technology to identify candidates for employment. Rose Leadem reports, “Eighty-two percent of survey participants said they are frustrated with an overly automated job search experience, and 87 percent of respondents said that technology has made the job search more impersonal.” Although automated search options and social media services designed for professional networking such as LinkedIn are convenient and offer tangible benefits, they could potentially discourage quality people from the applicant pool. In some fields, businesses will have to take a more personable approach to attract the best talent. Companies that are willing to rely on less technology for potential employees coupled with consulting services that specialize in diversity and inclusion education will gain an advantage over their competitors.

The Kaleidoscope Group understands the need and market for training that encourage companies to implement fair hiring prices and work environments. During my participation in their business meeting, I learned about their efforts to prepare companies for best practices in the workforce, workplace, marketplace, and community. One area of focus for Kaleidoscope Group is to educate companies on the experiences of transgendered persons.


In my approach toward understanding and impacting social inequalities, I have typically focused on racism and gender. The opportunity to work with Kaleidoscope Group will enable me to broaden my services to influence the lives of people who do not identify as cisgender males or females. At the conclusion of the two days that I met with the Kaleidoscope Group, we did not formalize our working relationship. However, I left Chicago determined to expand my knowledge of how diversity and inclusion consultation services can include the experiences of transgendered people and members of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, binary, and fluid communities. While I specialize in analyzing and influencing racialized and gendered based discrimination, I am encouraged to contribute to the conversation of other socially produced divisions in the business community.

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