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Caribbean Hiking and Finding Peace


Do you hug trees? I know that's a weird way to begin a conversation.

According to some people, I eat grass and hug trees. I follow a pescatarian diet, which includes eating fish and vegetables. The majority of my meals involve vegetables, and some equate my food preferences with eating grass. My enjoyment of the outdoors is the basis for the beliefs that I hug trees.

I don't eat or smoke grass. Yes, I enjoy the outdoors, but I reserve my hugs for people and take pictures and video footage of trees.

Every weekend, I hike on Sunday mornings to be at peace in nature. Maybe the following statement is too heavy for you. Ask a friend to help you pick up the next eleven words.

Real talk, my Sunday morning hikes feel like conversations with God.

In between the blowing winds that make trees dance, I often hear God’s voice whisper to me. That voice says you are right where I need you to be.

The acknowledgment that I hear God's voice during my weekend hikes may convince you that I do hug trees, but I don’t care! It is my truth.


Where do you feel closest to The Creator? Is it in church, at a mosque, a temple, or some other mutually accepted sanctuary? You may need to get there this weekend to help you process the indictment charges in the Breonna Taylor case.

Being in nature is my thing because it allows for reflection and appreciation. I rediscovered how much I love the outdoors when my family moved to Mexico in 2016. Our current home in Antigua has further reinforced my gratitude for everything that is outside.

The hiking terrain in Antigua is picturesque. Check out the header picture and others embedded in this post for evidence. Some of my hikes are long, lasting up to three hours, and other treks end within an hour.


I am never disappointed in the decision to get up early on a Sunday morning to see another part of this beautiful island. Twice a month, two of my coworkers join me to hike, and the family also comes along when I can get them out of bed.

Can you blame my wife and kids? In many families, weekends are a time to relax. Who wants to get out of the bed at 5:15 AM to walk up dirt paths?

My wife and I are opposites when it comes to appreciating the outdoors. I posted on Facebook that she is allergic to nature. She is not allergic, but she doesn't like dirt, sand, bugs, or anything else you might encounter outside.

I believe oxygen and carbon dioxide get a pass!

Captured for this month’s vlog episode is our last family climb up Mt. McNish. My wife cried and complained most of the time. It wasn’t my fault. Well, maybe I exaggerated the truth about the distance and terrain more than once. You be the judge and watch the episode after reading these last questions.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? I mean, do you like going for a walk on a warm summer morning or a cool fall afternoon? You don't have to experience divine conversations when outside, but I am trying to learn more about my tribe. Leave me a comment below.

Subscribe to the family vlog @La Vida Lindsay on YouTube, this blog, and don’t forget to let me know if you like the outdoors in the comments. Yes, three calls to action! You can do it!


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