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Chat, Talk, Lecture

A badminton coach teaches a young athlete.


“Dad, have you heard of this thing called AI Chat?”

“No, what’s that?”

“It’s not ChatGpt. It helps you respond to someone when they say something, and you don't know what to say."


"Yup, and it's a good idea because sometimes you don't know what to say."

"You could always just say. I don't have anything to say. You know, be honest. And sometimes, son, the easier thing is not always bes”

He cut me off before I could finish my response. Perhaps, I should have pulled out my phone and asked AI Chat for a better answer.

Instead of listening, my son accused me of lecturing. According to him, nothing is ever good enough, and I often look for the lesson in our conversations. If he brings home an 82 on an exam, I say, "That's good, and I know you can do better."

I attempted to explain my expectations for him and his siblings. Unfortunately, my words failed to soothe his distraught feelings. He left me outside to finish my lecture for the dog.

Teaching and parenting children in a world with artificially intelligent bots and real hormones is a difficult game, but let's maintain our determination to win.

We need the courage of young people to change our society. Healthcare reform, revised educational policies, and firearm amendments will not happen if we rely on our communities' mature adults to rise, strategize, and fight for better conditions.

I tried to connect the concept of rise in the social movement context to the e-learning software Rise, in last week’s blog post. But I'm unsure if it worked for most readers. Did it resonate with you?

A writer's life carries ideas that don’t always land on white pages in cohesive prose.

Rewriting and revising are daily tasks. An editor reminded me of this practice when she replied with over 15 pages of suggested revisions to my novel. The feedback came moments before the conversation with my son.

Our youth need more advocates. They deserve supportive adults who are willing to listen nonjudgmentally to their challenges. It is possible to help them gain access to the resources necessary for fulfillment during their unique human journey on this planet.

Last weekend I finished the Mental Health First Aider Youth course. Similar to the adult version, the certification process mandates a two-day commitment with asynchronous and synchronous learning components.

Vernon Lindsay's Mental Health First Aider Certificate

Did you know that death by suicide is the second highest form of death among youth (10-34) in the US? I didn't know that stat until one of the instructors shared it during class. Hearing it confirmed the need to work closer with young populations to support their mental health needs.

We need to let young people voice their opinions before jumping in to reframe or change their ideas. Let the opening dialogue of this post serve as evidence of my need to grow in this area.

Listening nonjudgmentally is an essential skill for parents and teachers. It's ok to offer advice, but it needs to come from a perspective that validates first and critiques second.

A young person in crisis needs at least one protective adult to help sort solutions. If a family member is unavailable, identify a professional or emergency service to provide the appropriate service.

988 is the Mental Health Crisis number in the United States.

268 463-5553 is the Antigua and Barbuda Crisis Hotline number. Save these phone numbers to your phone's contact list.

For more information about Mental Health First Aid, visit this site. I am not an affiliate or teacher with the National Council for Mental Well-being, but I believe their workshops can prepare us to handle mental health challenges.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Practice self-care today by walking, talking to a friend, journaling, praying, meditating, or doing anything productive that helps reset your mind.

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To see some of my family's self-care practices, see this video below:

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Having a happy family is what it's all about, ultimately, correct? You have that Dr. Lindsay. Congratulations. You are blessed.

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