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Heavy thoughts in light words support balance in essays. Using simple language to articulate complex ideas helps the writer reach the reader.

Don’t talk about it. Be about it.

When we use coded words or behaviors to communicate, we lose opportunities for connection. Sometimes the unclear vocabulary and actions we take are intentional. Listen to a politician's speeches or read an academic paper full of jargon for examples of intent in disguise.

When I review previous publications, I sometimes bow my head in shame at my mistakes. The desire to improve helps lift my eyes to the screen and hands to the keyboard to write again.

Grammar, style, and conciseness are topics in a course that I am taking this week. Each lecture builds on the principles of effective storytelling in fictional novels. Every day, I learn something different and attempt to apply it through writing exercises.

Details are important, but less is more. Showing is better than telling.

Last Sunday, I read an article about the Brooklyn shooting in search of clarity and inspiration to write.

Prosecutors gathered evidence to file the charge that 62-year-old Frank James committed a “premeditated terrorist act” when he opened fire in a New York subway. James injured ten people but could have killed more with his inventory of weapons.

I bit clickbait from the NY subway report to another article about mass shootings in the United States.

Frank James’ alleged actions sparked the beginning of a loaded April. Four additional mass shootings happened over the Easter weekend in Pittsburg, South Carolina, and Portland. Unlike the Biblical account of Jesus, some of the victims died and did not return to see their family, friends, and followers.

Resurrection to earth is for the Divine.

Another person will die from a gun wound during the brief moments it will take you to finish this post. I am not a pessimist. But, if you observe the global patterns of violence, it's difficult to ignore an unfortunate trend.

We know about the latest war between Russia and Ukraine. Both sides use firearms to defend their belief systems, economies, and political rifts.

Let me be clear. Violence is a problem. Gun violence is a problem. There are viable alternatives to resolve conflict without using semi-automatic rifles and Glocks.

We know non-violent solutions but choose to ignore peaceful resolutions. Our fragile egos don't possess the fortitude to handle threats through words. So, we neglect ourselves, succumb to mental illnesses, and allow emotions of rage, frustration, and jealousy to win. We use guns to blast away our issues.

Some violence is avoidable.

I hope I didn’t lose you in this piece, but just in case, my final sentence offers a summary. From the writer to the gun carrier and everyone in between, we need to do better.


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Invading a soverign country with 150,000 troops seems a bit more like opening fire in a subway than defending one's belief systems, don't you think?

Replying to

Both situations are awful. The war is inflicting more deaths, but all of the killing is ridiculous. Thanks for commenting Joe.

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