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Climbing Through The Struggle


What problems are you facing today? If all is well with you, take a few moments to be grateful.

It’s also important to realize that difficulties might knock at your front door tomorrow, and ignoring the incessant pleas to come inside is not an option.

Continue reading this post to understand how to transform adversity into power.

The first thing that you must do is acknowledge the challenge. You will not gain anything from a denial of your problems.

Whether we discuss covid surges, gun violence, the Haitian prime minister’s alleged involvement in a murder, Facebook’s secret research, or impeachment protests in Brazil, hard times are a constant in our lives.

After acknowledgment of the crisis, let’s reevaluate that thing, situation, or person and recognize the temporary role it or they will play in your life. Likely, the pain you feel in this moment will not last forever. Possibly it will stay with you for longer than you prefer, but with time you will heal.

During most weeks, I experience a physical, mental, or spiritual challenge. I jog for 20 or more miles, train capoeira, and lift weights every week. Writing a blog post for Fridays while also working on a novel challenges my mental stamina and discipline. My physical and mental tests are often self-imposed and regulated. A Higher Power controls the spiritual tests that come my way and challenge my body and mind routines.

When experiencing the inevitable challenges of life, visualize what it will look and feel like after you achieve success. Surround yourself with other people who share similar interests and goals. Reciting the serenity prayer and allowing the Creator to take control can also help.

I know this is easier said than done.

Last Sunday, I convinced my wife and kids to join me on a climb to the highest mountain in Antigua, Boggy Peak. It takes about 1 hour to reach the top, and most of the trail is a steep incline.

I felt extremely sore during the trek due to the previous week's workouts and insufficient sleep on Saturday night. I blamed myself for testing fitness boundaries the day before. Some of my frustration went misdirected toward my wife for making me stay up late to watch Netflix on Saturday. My body needed more rest, but I wanted to honor my commitment to date night.

Although I didn’t let anyone know, I wanted to quit at about the halfway mark. My glutes and hamstrings were burning!

See the video of this memorable hiking experience here:

When you’re going through a difficult situation, it feels like you are trying to climb a mountain with inadequate rest and sore muscles. You will want to quit. It's extremely tough, but eventually, if you are willing to keep going, it’s possible to achieve victory.

Awareness of your problems and working through them to develop creative solutions can lead to your success. I owe Ryan Holiday's book, The Obstacle is the Way, for this perspective.

Despite the feelings of fatigue and the tightness of my butt and leg muscles, I pushed through to make it to the top of Boggy Peak.

If adversity arrives for dinner tonight, serve it with your abilities to acknowledge, visualize, find support, and ultimately persevere.

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