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Dark Ideas and Light Actions

A black box


Where does your mind drift when pushed toward darkness and silence?  Do you reach for the nearest light switch or your phone?  Perhaps you sit and think.  


Negative thoughts might haunt you when revisiting the past.  None of us are perfect. 


Hopefully, your character lapses don't involve sexual assault like Trump.  As you witnessed in the E. Jean Carroll case, some poor decisions follow wherever you go.  Politicians are not exempt from consequences.


We can’t call it vindictive behavior when someone from your past resurfaces to teach you a life lesson.  It's justice when you receive punishment for abuse.


Sometimes, in the dark, I encounter fears.  My mind takes me to intersections of past, present, and future anxieties.  A deep inhale with a comparable exhale breath helps me access the courage to continue.  


What are my past and future concerns?


Don’t worry.  You will not find a list of women waiting with allegations of sexual assault.   I’m no saint, but there are limits I respect.


Many of my anxieties involve the security of my family. 


Sometimes, I find joy in unpleasant moments.  Frustration helps me channel the energy to unlock clarity.  I often find a path forward.


When you experience anxiety, acknowledge the ideas, ponder, and then take your next step.  A clear decision about how to proceed can come from the darkness and silence in your life.


On days when I run in Antigua before dawn, there aren’t many commuters on the road.  My routes often include stretches of pitch-black earth with only the taps of my feet hitting the pavement as company.  Streetlights operate on an unpredictable schedule.


Another pair of broken headphones empowered me to travel deep within my psyche this week.  I put in 30 miles over a few days without music or light.  Much to my wife’s chagrin, I ran on the same road where I nearly lost my life.


Revisiting the spot where a car slammed into the pole on my path seemed surreal.  Goosebumps surfaced as I moved past the accident site.  In the aftermath, I explored thoughts and perspectives that made it into this blog post.


In our minds, there's always a soundtrack playing.  Doing an activity with mindful focus and intentionality can help us manage the controls.  We have the power to raise the volume on positivity and experience more joy and fulfillment.


It's also possible to dwell on negativity and drown in self-hatred.  The key to staying afloat is in the ability to remain present.  It's not easy.


We need instruction, drive, motivation, and practice to become proficient in any skill.  In this month of Black history celebrations, learn from past and present examples.


The next time you experience darkness in a quiet environment, take a deep breath.  Aim to match your inhale and exhale breaths.  It will help you process the "what ifs" of life.


With practice, you will pin anxieties and fears.  It doesn't make you a coward to ask for help.  Reaching out to a counselor, mentor, or friend for assistance is a form of strength. 


You can also schedule a free coaching discovery call with me at this link today.  After Sunday, I will not accept any additional clients until May.


Has plenty happened in your life during this first month of 2024?   You're welcome to share any highs or lows in this post's comments.


My wife lost her dad, she traveled solo to handle his affairs, our family hiked in English Harbor, I resumed teaching for the semester, and a host of other events stretched us to grow.  How are we processing it all?  See January's video recap below and subscribe to this blog to access future posts from your inbox, several e-gifts, and exclusive offers.


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