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Dear Kaz,

10 year old boy in a lakers shirt


You turned ten years old. Congrats on joining the double-digits club!

This year, dinosaurs, swimming, and skateboarding made your list of favorite topics. You asked for the Jurassic Park Camp Cretaceous book set, and Auntie Brittany sent it via Amazon. Your mother and I bought you a new pair of goggles and another special gift related to your interests.

You are blessed.

Somehow, you convinced Mom to throw you a pool party at the house. After your brother’s birthday bash, we said, "No more." Then, we bent our rule, and you invited more than a few friends over to swim and celebrate with you.

Everyone showed up because you're a good friend. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Lately, you’ve expressed concerns about swim practice. You feel that some swimmers sprint in the water to get more attention from Coach. As your mom said at dinner the other night, “You can’t control what others do. You have to focus on yourself and swim at your best pace.”

Listen to Mom. Her advice will help you perform better.

I’ve had a couple of races where I tried to run at someone else’s pace. And in each one of those races, I burned out before the finish line.

Always do you. It's not about the competition. It's about you being the best version of yourself.

You will get faster and stronger with patience, hard work, and following your coach’s instructions.

Here's a big tip for you. Spend less time watching Faze Rug and Mr. Beast on YouTube and more time exercising your body, mind, soul, and spirit. The shift to reading, praying, meditating, and training will help you get the desired results in sports and life.

Remember when you came in first place in the 500-meter open water swim race? It was a huge victory that tested your speed and endurance. I am sure that you will have more wins to appreciate in the future.

Kaz, you have a solid base for what you need to succeed. You have two loving, supportive parents. You’re a smart, kind, handsome dude with raw athletic skills. When things get tough, which they always do, remember your resources.

Trust God, work hard, be willing to ask for help, and respect others.

The roads for you to move on your skateboards are endless. They can take you to paleontology digs, the Olympics, or a community needing your unique skills and talents. One day you will choose to start a business or begin a career.

Your mother and I will always try to guide you from places of love.

Our love does not mean we will get you everything you want. At times we may make you feel frustrated and aggravated. But know that we will always want what’s best for you.

I love you, and don't forget to rewatch the video of your latest swim victory below. It will help you to remember your greatness during difficult moments at future meets.


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Remember, red muscles for the long haul, long stretch, not sprints--practice is more specific.

Thanks for keeping going, Kaz. You got this.

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