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Dear Zu,


You told me not to do this.  But after I reminded you that I could die tomorrow, you excused my desire to write you this letter.  Thank you.


This weekend, you turn thirteen years old.  You will officially become a teenager.  Be patient while I make sense of our reality in the coming weeks.


I am proud to be your father.  You embody intelligence, beauty, and athleticism.  I'm not surprised by your popularity.


It was something to see you at the school's Christmas festival.  You met your friends and didn't look back at me for the rest of the night.  


Because I had your beautiful mom on my arm, it was okay.  She kept me company and in check from following you around the campus.

 You want me to stay away from you when in public.  I have strong dad vibes, and everything I do nowadays is "cringy."


I know you think I'm overprotective and don't give you enough space.  I understand your feelings.


It’s also difficult for me to see you blossom into a woman. You won't understand the things I do until you become a parent many, many, many, many, many, many years from now.


I will be better about giving you more freedom.  Just give me another thirty years to make this adjustment.  I'm joking.


Insert Dad dab here:)


The more responsible you become at school, home, and the pool, the more you encourage me to back off.  Thirteen years old does not guarantee access to more space, privileges, etc.  It's also a matter of maturity and responsibility.


Before you say or think, " I don't trust you," understand that's false.  I do trust you.  The uncertainty of the world surrounding you prevents me from allowing you to do whatever your heart pleases.


Some girls your age get abused or worse.  That happens in the Gaza Strip, on blocks in Chicago, and in Antiguan villages.  One of my fears includes you or your brothers becoming victims of a twisted predator.

Maintaining levels of control helps me cope.


You want the Snapchat and TikTok apps on your phone. Social media can be a great way to talk with family and friends.  There are also cyber threats in online communities.


I am not saying you can't have Snapchat or TikTok.  We will discuss it again when you bring home grades in January.


When the time comes for you to be on your own, always do your best in whatever you pursue, make wise choices about the friends you keep, and stay safe.

Do I think that I can protect you from everything?  No, I must allow you to find your way, even if you fall or get hurt.


I also made this dad contact with God to love, protect, and provide for you.  The contract went into effect at your birth and expires when you bury me.  Hopefully, I won't die tomorrow.  But if I do, know I love you and want the best for you.


Happy Birthday, thirteen-year-old Vizuri!





P.S. Below is your team's OECS championship vid. If you're on YouTube today, and I know you are, watch this and receive a reminder of the greatness inside you.


P.S.S. If you read this letter and are not my daughter but want help prioritizing family, sign up for a free coaching discovery call here or subscribe to my list for more information. 


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