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Eighteen Months...Quit?

Three Hour Hike from Wallings Dam
Sunday's hike that drilled in me committment and perseverance.

When should you quit?

Eighteen months is the minimum time commitment. If you want to test an idea, product, or service, give it at least one year and six months to determine its market value. This timeline is the advice often offered by online entrepreneurs and business coaches.

About two years ago, I began following a New York Times bestselling author. I read his books, signed up for his mailing list, and read his blog posts that inspired me in my work. Among other suggestions, he supported the strategy of maintaining a weekly blog for eighteen months to grow an audience.

With consistent weekly blog posts, this successful author and online entrepreneur said a writer could impact lives and attract followers to create an additional source of income. I listened to his advice and took heed to the strategy. Eighteen months later, I continue to supply these valuable blog posts to you, but the consistent side hustle income remains aloof.

If you read my free Ebook, A Why Manifesto: The Guide to Help You Discover Your Why and The Manifesto of Why I Write, you know my reasons for writing.

Let me remind you.

I write to inspire, to give you voice and challenge the agenda that aims to silence oppressed people. After a few minutes with the pages of my journal or Word document open, my bouts with anger and frustration, are often addressed. So, yes, I also write for selfish reasons that include gaining peace of mind.

On a spiritual tip, writing on some days in my journal feels similar to having a conversation with God. The sensation of my pen touching the pages of my journal creates a sanctuary for internal dialogue. Despite the multiple mental and spiritual benefits that I receive from this craft of writing, I am human.

I often think about how my talents and skills can influence societal change and generate additional resources to pay bills, make investments, and save for emergencies.

Do you feel me? Have you ever invested time and energy into a creative project to impact lives and make money? Due to your passion behind the endeavor, the impact on others is measurable, but your bank account sees little to no change in balance.

The conflicting feelings of joy and frustration are what I have experienced over these last eighteen months. I am grateful for my blog. It forces me to improve as a writer, strengthen my skills as a communicator, and articulate my ideas. My followers have grown, but when it comes to financial compensation, silence prevails, and few pick up the phone responding to my product and service calls to action.

I write this post, not as a pity party, or to trick you into buying something. This entry is to let you know that you are not alone. You have invested time, energy, and financial resources into a passion-filled project, and it doesn't appear to be working as you envisioned.

Should you quit?

Eighteen months is a breaking point. Take a moment to analyze your product or service. What feedback can you use to improve the value of your offering? How does your endeavor reflect your life’s purpose? Maybe this is the time to pivot or learn something new. You decide.

I will continue to write and share my ideas on this blog. The vision for my future includes sharing ideas and inspiring you from this platform. After making more time to be with my thoughts this week, which included a three-hour hike and training capoeira, I gained this clarity.

With a clear vision of what you want to do with your life, you can push through any obstacle. Yes, you can conquer any mountain of challenges, including the ones that take you eighteen months or more to climb and defeat.

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