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Purpose and Love

Boys skateboarding while the puppy observes
Skateboarding with James Brown by Zuri

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Perhaps, like the flowers beginning to blossom outside your door, you were planted in your community for a bigger purpose. You do not live in your neighborhood due to convenience or proximity to your job; you are there to add something to others.

Is that possible?

Is this possible? The block of your home chose you; you didn't choose the block. Instead of waiting on Biden to pass police reform legislation, you are where you are to do something now.

Maybe life is what it is.

You subscribe to a “forget the bigger meaning” motto. You believe we simply are here, and we should enjoy life while we can.

I lean more towards the former rather than the latter.

I’m all for living in the moment, but I also believe our lives have meaning. We are here for a larger purpose.

I often look for the hidden curriculum in schools and my daily activities.

This week, I uncovered multiple connections between the books I am reading and circumstances in my life. Time with my kids outdoors after a long day of work and a difficult conversation with my wife stretched my love ligaments in new directions. My current reading books deal with our capacity to move beyond our limited understandings of love; they expand on how I describe love as an action in my book, Dear Brother.

The authors of the books that I am reading suggest that we move toward a practice of love. Practice requires that you do something for an extended amount of time. To master love or any skill, you must do it often and receive feedback to see progress.

Through my daily interactions and activities with my family and community, I am practicing love. I rely on expressions from others and internal feelings to determine if I am successful.

Self-love, romantic partner love, and community love mandate actions that often do not feel comfortable. Examples can include exercising, agreeing to disagree with a partner, or volunteering your time. I have experience in each of these areas.

If you've followed my body of work, including this blog and the La Vida Lindsay YouTube channel, you've heard a lot about my family love over the years. Let me tell you about the newest four-legged member to join #teamlindsay.

Earlier this month, my family took in an Italian Mastiff, Cane Corso, to our home. We named him James Brown after the Godfather of Soul, and because he has a brown coat. He is an even-tempered dog, but a lot of WORK!

I tell my children that James Brown is their responsibility. They must feed James, clean up the wastes, and walk it for exercise. This arrangement is a dream contract between the kids and me.

In reality, I also have to take care of the dog.

Through multiple experiences with feeding and cleaning up after James Brown this week, I came to realize that this dog is in my life for a reason. I heard it whimper from my neighbor's yard because my family needed to enrich our abroad experiences and give this dog a loving home. James Brown is also here to remind me that I have more love to give beyond myself, my family, and my community.

Now, I’m not rushing to join the Animal Humane Society or starting to rescue puppies on the side of the road, but I am learning to extend more compassion toward animals.

You are reading today’s blog post for a reason. Maybe, you read one of my books and decided to check out my other writings. #respect Possibly, you scrolled on social media and found the link. Out of boredom, you said sure, and now you are here.

Make whatever meaning that suits you to explain why you are making time to read this post, but understand it's not luck that you are here. It’s not coincidental that you exist.

Over the next 72 hours, take a moment and examine your environment. Why do you live where you live? When you walk in your community, do you move in the spirits of love, nonchalance, fear, or hate? If any uneasy emotions stir inside you when you walk in your hood, it may be time to move or join efforts to impact changes.

Today, do one impactful thing out of love for someone or something. If you're having difficulty finding love in your life, explore my coaching services. I teach my clients how to realize their life's purpose through their professional and personal roles, and I would love to help you.


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