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When God Winks...


I don't believe in coincidences anymore. I know and understand that coincidences are God winks in disguise.

The other day I came across a video of Garrain Jones who is an empowerment speaker and distributor for Herbalife. In the video, he begins by talking about the simplicity of being grateful for life. His message resonated with me, because every morning that I start my routine activities, I express through writing in my journal the people, resources, and opportunities that I am thankful to have in this life. Every evening before bed, my wife and I ask our children to share one thing that they are grateful for in their day. My little ones often mention things like candy, popsicles, or going to the park. Not once have I heard my kids, as Garrain Jones suggests, take this moment to be simply grateful for life.

I know that you are thinking, Vernon your children are ages 4, 5, and 6; what do you expect? They don’t understand the concepts of life and death like adults. Well, when was the last time you said the following five words: I, am, grateful, for, life? This question is not a probe at your religious or spiritual beliefs. I only want you to take a moment and reflect on the last time you took a moment from your busy schedule to express gratitude for your life.


The morning routine that I follow is part of my personal development to improve as a husband, father, entrepreneur, an individual, and member of multiple communities. I consider exercise, proper nutrition, prayer, meditation, reading, and writing as part of a holistic approach to personal development. Reading is central to my preparation for optimal performance in the key areas of my life.

After I had come across the mentioned above video of Gerrain Jones, I looked him up on Instagram and found his profile with a post about a book titled, When God Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life by Squire Rushnell. When I saw the title, it looked like the perfect addition to my library to start my days off to a positive start. I purchased the Kindle version soon after I saw Jones’ post and I have enjoyed it since that fateful encounter.

The book is as the title infers. It is about paying more attention to the things that “just happen” or are often labeled coincidences that birth unforeseen opportunities. Rushnell claims that coincidences are often God winks. They are signs that there is a higher power which is aligning things in our lives as part of a larger purpose. The book provides countless examples of the God winks that have occurred in the lives of people from all walks of life.

The ability to recognize God winks in your life is critical to success. There will be obstacles along the paths of everyone's journey who chooses to climb toward their highest selves. I have struggled with my finances, business affairs, and relationships, but I understand that every thing plays a part within a larger plan. It is important that we develop the habits of taking the time to be grateful for life and to develop the awareness of recognizing coincidences as God winks. These two practices can reveal your purposes in life and give you the confidence to push forward when the inevitable hurdles threaten progress.

Can you identify one coincidence, God wink, that led to success in an endeavor? Leave it in the comments and let’s build!


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