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Leaving Mexico

Patience is indeed a virtue. I was reminded of this last week when I traveled to Chicago.

Last Monday, my flight left Mazatlán at 2:45 pm, which meant I needed to be at the airport by 12:45 pm to give myself enough time to check-in for my flight and get clearance from immigration to travel. I was aware of the delays that can occur when traveling internationally, so I made sure to arrive at the airport early. My taxi pulled up to the airport terminal at 12:30 pm and I thought with this early arrival, I would not have any problem to make my first flight to Mexico City.

One of the things that I have learned in moving abroad is that it is essential to be patient. I am reminded of this every time I go and pay a bill in person at the local convenience store, and it takes more than the five minutes I expect. I had to remember patience again when I arrived at the check-in line, and it took nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes to review my residential visa, passport, and itinerary to clear me for the flight to Chicago. After passing security, I ran and arrived at the gate as other passengers lined up to board the plane.



Inhale and exhale

Once I sat in my seat, I took a deep breath in and released it to relieve the brief moment of anxiety that surfaced in my fear of missing the flight. Before arriving in Chicago, I had a layover in Mexico City. Every time I travel to this airport, there is a new restaurant or store, but one thing remains the same...


The system they have in place at the Mexico City airport to notify passengers of the gates for departing flights needs some improvement. In many of the airports that I have traveled to, flight gates are announced a minimum of one hour before the plane is scheduled to leave. Gate changes frequently happen; however at the Mexico City airport, passengers are often first notified of the departure gate less than 30 minutes before takeoff! I can't begin to tell you the number of times that I have passed through Mexico City and had to run from one side of the airport to the other because the departure gate information was not released until the last minute.

After five days in Chicago, cleaning out a storage unit and resolving a few other affairs it was time to return home to Mazatlán. The reminders of patience surfaced once again as it took a solid two hours to get checked in and pass through security at Chicago’s largest international airport, O’Hare. I returned to Mazatlán the way I left, running through an airport just in time to make my flight.

How does all of this relate to your personal or business life?

On the personal side, we should desire positive relationships with our family and friends. There are multiple ways to develop loving and trusting relationships with romantic partners, children, parents, and friends. However, one thing remains universal. It takes time and patience to establish unique emotional ties that can lead to happiness and fulfillment.

"In most entrepreneurial ventures, success in business will not occur overnight. "

In business, we frequently want it all right now! We often define success with regards to the possession of money or recognition within a particular field or market. In most entrepreneurial ventures, success in business will not occur overnight. It will require a deep commitment to a lengthy process of trial and error to meet our objectives.

Patience is a virtue and this cliché is applicable whether you are waiting for a flight, raising a child, or building a business. Despite my travel delays as mentioned above and inconveniences, I made it safely to each leg of my trip. Yes, I spent a little more time than expected feeling stressed out in the airport, but it ultimately worked out fine. Do what you can to improve and make progress in at least one area of your life today!

You may need to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that it will work out in due time.

If you are looking for a personal development coach that can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Please do not hesitate to contact me!


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