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3 Reasons to GO TO CLASS!


Dear Student,

How are you? Yes, it’s me again. You know, the professor with the long dreadlocks who you frequently mistake for another student. I am writing you this week to talk about your reasons for not attending class.

From what I understand, you do not see the value in going to live lectures. You prefer to watch the lecture captures according to your schedule because the video recordings empower you to pause the lesson, write notes, and prepare for exams at your own pace. I understand your logic.

It makes perfect sense why you believe that watching the lectures when it is convenient for you is a better use of your time. The problem with this approach is that it is not producing the results you desire to advance your comprehension of the material. I can make this argument because I have listened to your complaints about not understanding topics. Your presence in my course also provides me with evidence that you experienced some challenges with the curriculum last year.


Your past failures possess opportunities to improve, learn, grow, and glow into a bright future.


Please don’t interpret your failing as an indicator that you are a failure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your past failures possess opportunities to improve, learn, grow, and glow into a bright future. This process of learning from past failures begins with attending class. Allow me a few moments to further explain why live lectures have value and make good use of your time.

1. You are paying tuition

Whether you receive financial aid or a family member is covering the bill, the cost to attend college is EXPENSIVE. As a student, it is your responsibility to collect every possible benefit justified in the price of higher education. The opportunity to learn from a scholar with an MD or Ph.D. in person is worth the amount you are paying for tuition. Your professors have the experiences, education, and credentials to provide you with the necessary knowledge to start your career or entrepreneurial endeavor. Attending class helps you to make the most of this investment!

2. It is possible to ask questions in a live setting

I know that you enjoy watching the video because it allows you to pause the lecture and write notes without missing important details. This tactic is logical. It's a great strategy when you use lecture recaps as a review tool coupled with attending office hours to gain further clarity. The problem lies in your decision not to make appointments with your professors, so the questions from your notes remain unanswered. It is wiser to ask the professor to pause in class to get your question answered, which can also help another student who is too timid to raise their hand.

3. Lectures have fewer distractors

Be honest with me, how many times have you started to watch the live lectures while sitting in your bed? The chances are that sleeping instead of learning has happened more often, than you would prefer to admit. When you go to class, it puts your body in an environment conducive to learning. While each lecture will not offer the entertainment or comforts of home, it will provide you with the subject expertise you enrolled in college to pursue.

My dear student, please adjust your schedule this week and get your butt to class! Regardless, if the policy allows you to miss class, make a plan that includes time to sit in a classroom for lecture. Use the video recap services as a resource in preparation for exams.

You can do this! We would not have you here if we did not believe in you and your potential to make an incredible impact in your future profession and community.

With respect and solidarity,

Dr. Lindsay


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